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About Us:

As Singapore celebrates her upcoming independence of almost 60 years, ADONIS is also celebrating her beautiful history of 34 years. Having served over 500,000 satisfied customers and constantly embracing the ever-changing market trends, ADONIS stays true to her customer-centric values, high-quality products, and excellent services. Join us to understand the journey to cultivating long-lasting relations with our partners, clients and customers.






Established in 1988 by founder and CEO, Madam Ann Lee, ADONIS is crowned as a pioneer in the beauty and wellness industry for over 30 years. Better known for her boutique skincare and services, the homegrown brand continues to provide her superb services and premium products to beauty-chasers in Singapore and Malaysia. From a humble store along Orchard Road to achieving award-winning milestones, ADONIS has gained market recognition from fellow peers and numerous partners. Moving forward, the historical brand is striving towards digitalisation, constantly providing the best to her valuable customers.


Adonis Values

Vision and Mission:

Vision: to activate a world of true beauty through top-notch products and unparallel services for her customers

Mission: to cultivate and nurture more talents in our customer-centric and service-oriented industry

Business Opportunities:


Business Management

Individuals with leadership potential will stand to benefit from ADONIS’s trade knowledge via her Business Intelligence Technology


Business Academy

Amateur entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness sector will be provided with clear and precise task-oriented training and guidance


Research & Development

Constantly conducting extensive R&D for exquisite products to meet her customers’ shifting needs to stay healthy and beautiful


Marketing & Sales

Utilizing the omnichannel model to offer her customers a consistent experience, hand-in-hand with personalized follow-up for human touch


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Join us to embark towards a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world of true beauty.


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