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About Us

As Singapore celeberates its 56th anniversary, Adonis is also celebrating being established as an award-winning renowned brand for the past 33 years. Having served over 500, 000 satisfied customers and embracing the ever-chaning market trends, Adonis stays true to its values of providing customer-centric products and services and strengthing the brand and its talents to build long-lasting positive relations.


Towards A Wellness, Wellbeing, And Wealthy world!!


Adonis Values

Business Opportunities

Adhering to Adonis’ mission and vision to provide unparalleled service and develop top-notch products, Adonis incorporates these four key components.



Relying on its business intelligence, Adonis offers its customers a consistent, enhanced, and successive service experience and is driven to build long-lasting and positive relations.



At Adonis Academy, our elite team helps extensively train and nurture talented individuals with our educational courses in techniques and business acumen helping them become the crème de la crème of the beauty and wellness industry.



Determined to build a legacy of beauty and wellness as a pioneer in the industry and having achieved recognition in reputation and excellence throughout the years, Adonis continues to conduct extensive R&D to develop more exquisite products that meet the needs of our customers to stay healthy and beautiful.



Adonis embraces changes and is motivated to keep pace with the current times of digitalisation by providing streamlined support for the operational management and customer service for our Sales and Marketing teams via multichannel and omnichannel platforms.


Madam Ann Lee

Founder and CEO of

Adonis Beauty and Wellness Group

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Established in 1988 by the founder and CEO Ann Lee, Adonis has been a pioneer in the beauty and wellness industry for over 30 years. Starting with a single drop of essential oil, the homegrown brand has provided high-quality services and products to more than 500,000 satisfied customers. From developing a diverse range of beauty series and wellness products to award-winning milestone achievements, Adonis has gained market recognition from various industries. Believing in the power of health, happiness, and community, Adonis continues to give its best to its valued customers.

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Explore Business Opportunities

With the world changing the consumer’s need to stay healthy and beautiful is ever-present. So let us embrace this ever-changing world to enjoy and explore more business opportunities together. Join us and watch yourself grow in this fun-filled business of the future. Adonis will provide you with all the relevant training and the necessary management tools to guide you to success!

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