Blue light is produced significantly in the digital screens of your computer,
tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices causing more than 73% of
adults to suffer from symptoms caused by excessive blue light exposure such as :

• Sore, tired, burning, or itching eyes.
• Watery or dry eye
• Blurred or double vision
• Increased sensitivity to light
• Difficulty focusing on text
• Unable to keep eyes open

In addition to blue light being everywhere, virtually all visible blue light is able to pass
through your cornea and lens to reach your retina causing:

Eye fatigue

Macular degeneration

Decreased sleep quality

Increased risk of permanent vision loss

BLF Eye Mist
BLF Eye Mist contains powerful and anti-microbial,
anti-inflammatory,highly moisturing
ingredients to reduce irritants and dryness,
while replenishing the natural moisture content
in and around your eyes.
BLF Redshot Eye Drop
BLF Redshot Eye Drop instantly alleviates
bloodshot eyes, promising a full-day's comfort
and hydration. Perfectly balanced with 4 active
botanical extracts to work with your natural tears,
lubricates the surface of your eye and reduces
the visual appearence of blood vessels, naturally
BLF Relaxing Eye Gel
Lightweight yet nourishing, BLF Relaxing Eye Gel
is enriched with age-reversing ingredients such as
Peach extract and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 to calm,
hydrate,plump up wrinkles and sooth the delicate
skin around your eyes
BLF Face Spray
This calming BLF Face Spray is loaded with
gentle skin loving TCM actives such as Japanese
Gentian, Fen Fang Ji, Japanese Pagoda Tree, Yulan
Magnolia and Chinese Liquorice to eliminate
sensitivity, dryness and pigmentation caused by
exposure to light