ADONIS U2V Micro Facelift

ADONIS has been observing for many years; Why do many people change their face and body shape once they reach a certain age, even before they get old? People get old?

Pay more attention to the conditioning of the swollen and relaxed face caused by moisture under the skin,

Face drooping does not require surgery to pull the skin. What we pay attention to aesthetics is the use of products and the adjustment technology of face contour

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What causes sagging of the face?


Unhealthy eating habits: excessive preference for
certain food (e.g., salt and sugar) brings about
edema, facial swelling and deformation, and
loose muscles and sagging.


Poor blood circulation in the face: from poor
metabolic function, accumulated toxins, and
excess fluid lead to edema and the formation of
unevenly distributed lumps of fat.

Where are the potential areas involved in the micro facelift process?

The areas can be involved in stimulation of subcutaneous tissue and muscle, promoting collagen, and lead to triggering the regeneration of connective tissue, muscle tissue, cartilage, bone, tendons, ligaments and skin proteins, and amino acids.

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ADONIS U2V Micro Facelift

Reshape and sculpt the facial contour by our well-trained aestheticians, by drain off the accumulated fatty tissue and fluids is important, then tissue and muscle is stimulated and firm, while the transdermal collagen is trigger and promoted with connective tissue.

At the same time, the percutaneous penetration technology used in the U2V process is directed the active ingredients to the skin, by greatly absorption effect, with faster better and more lasting results. The protein and amino acids in the skin is instantly tighten. Through a series of subcutaneous dredging and transdermal procedure, the skin regain its firmness and restore the younger V shape face contour.

Sculpting and reshaping
facial contours

  1. Facial Analysis
  2. Thermal Heat (RF)
  3. Regulates facial fat, fluid, (ULTRA SOUND)
  4. Lymphatic Drainage
  5. LED + Re-sculpting Mask

Frequently Asked Questions

U2V micro-facelift is a special technical program carried out by skilled aestheticians. First, dredge the excessive accumulation adipose tissue and edema layer on your subcutaneous that contributed to your U-shaped face; Then firm up your sagging muscles, the shaped and narrowed V-shaped chin is reduced from the sagging contour, makes you look much younger and energetic face.
U2v micro facelift is like a skincare process. The trained aesthetician is to improve your Jaw areas by dredging the edema and your exercise your mandibular contour and face slimming skills, a noninvasive process, so there is no damage to the skin.
Yes, you can see the result through the transdermal product for face slimming and firming is used, it effectively maximizes the effect usually last for 1 to 2 months. Continuous correction can be carried out or anytime At during facial care, which can maintain a longer and younger effect.
Till date, there is no reports or whatever so far, to some people might have some local very, very mild swelling and discomfort during the invasive dredge movement; If there is any, that will only temporary.
Beware to nurture to make yourself attractive all the time. As gravity is the enemy of beauty. When our body shape and silhouette is saggy, our appearance looks much old.
yes, there is! We called this Synergy Facelift. It's an integrated Boutique Skincare.It is another choice for those who is unwilling to go through surgical method, due to a non-invasive micro facelift, most treat it as a constant and safe beauty art, the face line is modify the facial contour regularly. Synergy facelift muscle exercise is a popular combination care of ADONIS, which is an ideal choice for most people to maintain young and delicate facial lines
Apart from the appearance of a refine V shape, the improvement at the chin area and check result in shape and prominence contour, which micro facelift, most treat it as a constant and safe beauty art, the face line is modify the facial contour is an effect that is typically very desirable to some individuals.