Being mistaken as the mother?


(Story contributed by Miss Tay)

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“Me and my elder sister, Jane have always been each other’s best friend since young.

We used to hang out a lot in the past until one day, our siblinghood soured.

The last incident was the breaking point for me.

After noticing a photo of us in Jane's wallet. The cafe staff looked at her and said, 

“Your mum comes here very often. She usually orders 3 pieces of our truffle cake for herself. Would you like some too?”

I was so affected by this incident that I became jealous and I hated hanging out with her ever since then.

One day, Jane came into my room and said,

“Let’s do it together. Nothing is impossible. ”

She proposed to go on a fruits and salad diet.

Plus, working out 3 times a week, which did not last for more than a month.

cheat meal singapore

I was struggling and I had “cheat meals” every day.

Working out is so tough on my ankles and knees.

Eventually I gave up, and  I don’t know if I should try dieting again.

Miss Tay’s story reminds us about how tough a weight-loss journey can be, and that switching to a new diet immediately can lead to a vicious “cheat meal” cycle, eventually at the cost of all your efforts. Working out may be the best overall solution, but Miss Tay’s upper body weight can put overwhelming stress on her knees. She will risk injuring herself in the long run if she pushes on, despite knowing the pain. All the sugars from her cake diet can also impose serious health issues for Miss Tay and can be very destructive for her body.

What exactly caused the accumulation of belly fats?

  1. Slowing down of Metabolism
  2. Poor balance of diet

So how can we help Miss Tay to slim down her belly?

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