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5 “Healthy” Snacks With Hidden, Weight-Gaining Calories

  • 07, Jul 2020

Certain “healthy” snacks contain hidden calories that can quickly accumulate and lead to unexpected weight gain. Find out 5 of these foods so you can manage your calorie intake.


3 Reasons Why You Should Rotate Your Cleanser Bi-Weekly

  • 01, Jul 2020

Over time, your skincare routine and skin needs evolve which require different products. Here’s 3 factors why you should consider switching up your cleanser for optimal care for your skin.


How Is Dehydrated Skin Connected To Your Acne Breakout?

  • 23, Jun 2020

Dehydrated skin can cause a compromised skin barrier and excess sebum production, which leads to more acne breakouts. Find out how you can nourish and restore your skin condition.


How Excess Sodium From Your Diet Can Cause Fluid Retention

  • 16, Jun 2020

Excess sodium can cause your body to retain extra fluid in the cells, making you gain water weight. Find out how you can manage the amount of water your body is holding, starting with what you eat.


How Blue Light From Screens Can Cause Skin Damage And Ageing

  • 08, Jun 2020

It’s not surprising to know that screen time has increased during the circuit breaker period. Find out how blue light from your phones can impact your skin's health.


4 Ways To Boost A Slow Metabolism For Effective Weight Loss

  • 02, Jun 2020

While the speed of metabolism depends on factors like age and genetics, there are still several ways to help you boost the rate your body burns calories.


Is It A Breakout Or Skin Purging? How To Tell The Difference

  • 27, May 2020

One of your #StayHome activities during COVID-19 could include trying a new skincare product. But if breakouts happen, does it mean skin purging? Find out the difference between the two.


6 Things You Do Daily That Could Be Harming Your Skin Health

  • 21, May 2020

There are various factors that can impact the state of your skin, especially in everyday life. We explore some of the daily habits you do during COVID-19 #StayHome period that can be damaging for your


Adonis Comedone Set: Unclog Pores And Remove Blackheads At Home

  • 19, May 2020

Blackheads can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you don’t have the right product. Our Comedone Set lets you tackle these comedones and clogged pores easily at home!


Weight Loss Myths Busted: What Every Bride-To-Be Should Know

  • 12, May 2020

Most brides planned to get in shape for the big day. Uncover the facts behind these common weight loss myths so you can achieve your weight goal and walk down the aisle confidently.


4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Stop Making At Home

  • 06, May 2020

Sheltering at home due to the coronavirus outbreak can pose a challenge for weight gain. As you work towards shedding the extra weight, there are a few common mistakes to avoid.


Thin Or Thick: Why Cellulite Can Appear On Anyone

  • 28, Apr 2020

Cellulite can happen to anyone and affects all body shapes and sizes. This article explores several of the contributing factors that influence cellulite formation.


Stop Touching Your Face – Not Just For COVID-19 Outbreak

  • 22, Apr 2020

We all know the importance of washing our hands and staying hygienic. But, keeping our fingers away from touching our face is as crucial, and not just to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


5 Ideas On What You Can Do During Circuit Breaker Measures

  • 16, Apr 2020

Don’t let circuit breaker measures dull your day. Check out our ideas on how to keep you occupied and still care for your mental health while self-isolating.


4 Specific Body Areas That Stubborn Fat Can Linger On

  • 09, Apr 2020

Fat are stored in certain body areas that can be hard to lose. We share some of the most common areas for body fat accumulation, and how you can try to get rid of them.


Shed Stubborn Fats: How To Lose Those Last Few Pounds

  • 30, Mar 2020

It can be tempting to throw in the towel when your weight loss has stalled. Find out why it happens and how you can finally get rid of those last few pounds.


5 Cellulite-Busting Foods To Incorporate In Your Diet

  • 16, Mar 2020

There are certain foods that provide health benefits to your body including reducing the chances of cellulite build-up. Learn which cellulite-busting foods you can add to your diet.


4 Bedtime Habits To Incorporate In Your Nightly Routine

  • 11, Mar 2020

Getting into a proper bedtime routine can help you sleep more blissfully. We share four bedtime habits you can incorporate to enhance the quality of your sleep.


5 Skincare Tips To Survive The Hot And Humid Weather

  • 10, Feb 2020

With the hot and humid weather causing sweat almost immediately, here are 5 skincare tips to help you beat the heat and keep your skin glowing throughout.


4 Lifestyle Changes For An Effective Weight Loss Journey

  • 06, Feb 2020

With many Singaporeans at risk of obesity, it’s time we made proper efforts in weight loss. Here are 4 lifestyle changes for an effective weight loss journey.


A Deeper Look At Cellulite: 9 Facts You Should Know About

  • 04, Feb 2020

Cellulite will always be a topic of concern for many people. So, we want to share with you a couple of facts to understand this common issue better.


Effective Ways To Shed A Couple Of Pounds

  • 03, Feb 2020

Weight loss is always a problem that many tends to deal with. However, it doesn’t always to be one as there are ways to easily get rid of excess fats.


All You Need To Know About Massages For Weight Loss

  • 31, Jan 2020

There are all kinds of methods for weight loss but lately, massages are the go-to solution for many people. So, how can it make it a difference for your body?


Fighting Off Cellulite Cells With Effective Massages

  • 30, Jan 2020

Excess cellulite can not only affect your physical wellbeing but your emotional wellness as well. But fret not, there is a way to get rid of them effectively.


Using Body Ache Therapy To Achieve An All-Round Vigour

  • 29, Jan 2020

Body ache therapy is becoming a sought-after ‘massage’. But what exactly is the reason behind it’s popularity among so many people?


Body Treatment: Who Can Go For A Session?

  • 28, Jan 2020

Everyone understands what body treatment does and how it benefits many people - but when you look closely into it, who exactly fits into this category?


A Brief Guide To Searching For The Right Body Treatment

  • 24, Jan 2020

Maybe it’s time for you to book an appointment for a body treatment. However, before you actually do it - what do you need to consider?


Skin Ageing: 9 Signs To Look Out For

  • 22, Jan 2020

Ageing skin is bound to happen sooner or later and no one likes the thought of it. Here are 9 key signs to watch out for tackling this issue.


Why Diet Plays A Major Part In Cellulite Formation

  • 17, Jan 2020

What you eat and don’t eat can have a big impact on the appearance of cellulite. So, here’s what you should understand about diet and cellulite formation.


Skin-Boosting Facial Promotions And Packages In Singapore

  • 16, Jan 2020

When it comes to facial promotions and packages, Adonis provides them all. With us, you can look forward to a pampering and reasonably-priced facial in Singapore. Contact us today to get the latest


Busting Common Cellulite Formation Myths

  • 14, Jan 2020

Many deal with cellulite but still, people are unsure of which myths are true and false. So, we’re here to debunk all these myths and unravel the truth.


How To Achieve Healthy And Glowing Skin: 7 Vital Skincare Tips

  • 13, Jan 2020

Having clear and healthy skin is what many dreams of, but it is easier said than done. Here are some basic skincare tips to take note of for excellent skin health.


The Consequences Of Not Washing Your Face Regularly

  • 10, Jan 2020

While we all know the importance of washing our faces from time to time - many still skip this crucial habit. And once its neglected, your skin suffers.


Your 5 Step Plan To Minimize Cellulite And Reduce Your Weight

  • 09, Jan 2020

Adopting a healthier lifestyle can go a long way in improving your cellulite appearance. Find out more in our 5-step plan on how to reduce cellulite as well as excess weight.


Keep The Weight Off: 4 Tips To Maintain Your Weight Loss

  • 27, Dec 2019

Shedding the extra weight is tough, but trying to keep your new waistline is another challenge. Find out how you can maintain your weight loss and preserve a healthier you.


Why Massages Are Worth Trying To Get Rid Of Cellulite

  • 27, Dec 2019

Discover how massages can be effective against cellulite. They actually bring several health benefits to your body on top of reducing cellulite appearance.


5 Ways To Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey Successfully

  • 23, Dec 2019

Seeing no improvement on the weighing scale? We understand the struggles of losing weight so we share 5 ways to jumpstart your weight loss journey successfully.


Underlying Causes Behind Your Rapid Weight Gain

  • 19, Dec 2019

There are varying factors that contribute to unexpected and sudden weight gain. We explore some of its possible causes to help you understand better about your body.


Thirsty Skin? How Dehydration Can Cause Premature Aging

  • 18, Dec 2019

When the state of your skin is dehydrated, it can display accelerated signs of skin ageing. Find out how does it happen, signs to look out for and how to fix it for healthy-looking skin.


The Truth Revealed: How Your Body Reacts To Weight Gain

  • 18, Dec 2019

When you gain weight, your appearance is not the only thing that changes. We explore some of the effects that took place inside your body due to weight gain.


Cellulite In Men: Are They Just As Prone To Them As Women?

  • 18, Dec 2019

Women are often too familiar with the appearance of cellulite, but do men get them too? Find out how they can be treated effectively.


Bid Farewell To Clogged Pores: How You Can Prevent It

  • 17, Dec 2019

It can be a struggle to keep your pores clear and free from clogging up, which invites acne and pimple breakouts to form. Find out how you can prevent clogged pores and maintain clearer skin.


How Exercising And Skin Health Are Related To Each Other

  • 17, Dec 2019

Staying active offers more benefits than just raising your fitness levels and keeping you fit. Learn how working out can decrease stress, improve acne and lead to healthy skin.


Skincare Routine: Is It Time To Switch It Up?

  • 16, Dec 2019

There are times when it would be a wise decision to change your skincare routine. We share tell-tale signs that show your regime isn’t working out for you anymore.


Boost Your Skincare: Steps To Apply Products Properly

  • 13, Dec 2019

Applying your skincare products in the right order helps your skin to reap maximum benefits. Find out which type of products go after the other to boost its effectiveness.


What To Avoid: Common Daily Habits That Harm Your Skin

  • 12, Dec 2019

Having troubles achieving a clear and healthy complexion? There could be some bad habits that may be harmful to your skin. Find out which ones you should avoid.


Adult Acne: What Are The Causes & Ways To Keep It At Bay

  • 10, Dec 2019

Acne is bad news to whoever it inflicts, but for some, acne can plague their whole adulthood. Learn more about the condition of adult acne and how you can keep it at bay.