3 Myths About Pores You May Have Mistakenly Believe

3 Myths About Pores You May Have Mistakenly Believe

  • 26, Feb 2021

3 Myths About Pores You May Have Mistakenly Believe

As you go about each day, the pores on your skin is exposed to dust, dirt or other environmental debris. Due to one’s busy lifestyle, it may be more convenient to choose the easiest methods to care for your pores. But some of these methods or information you learn about could be myths, which affects the way you take care of your skin.


Pores are tiny openings on the face which release oil and sweat. Each pore contains a hair follicle – and when oil and dead skin get trapped and accumulate in the hair follicle duct, your pores become clogged with these impurities.


As a result? You will see the dreaded black or whiteheads appearing on your face. To help you keep your pores clear and blemish-free, we debunk 3 myths so you have a better understanding on taking care of your skin.


Myth #1: Your pore size will always remain the same


As you get older, your skin’s natural production of collagen slows down and elasticity in the skin diminishes. Collagens helps the pores return to their usual size when dead skin cells and sebum are cleared out.


But without new healthy collagen, the pore walls can weaken and slacken over time, which gives an enlarged look. Use regular exfoliation to increase cellular renewal and antioxidant serums to build elasticity for firmer skin.


Myth #2: Pores can be “opened” with heat


The truth is, your pores are always open. But heat can help to dilate the pores further and soften the debris and sebum inside. This is why many beauticians will steam your skin before a treatment so the impurities can be loosened for an extraction facial.


Facial treatments also penetrate the skin’s surface better when the pores are dilated, so consider doing an at-home facial steam before applying your mud mask. Fill a large bowl with hot water and cover your head with a towel as you let the steam warm your face for a few minutes.


Myth #3: Blackheads are “dirtier” than whiteheads


Those little black dots on your nose and cheeks may look like specks of dirt, but it’s actually your pores being clogged with trapped sebum and dead skin cells due to oxidation. Blackheads pop up when your skin isn’t exfoliated regularly, and when the sebum production is off-balanced.


Whiteheads occur for the same reasons, except that the clogged pores remain closed. Both forms of blemishes can be dealt with using BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) which penetrate the pores to exfoliate and clear them of trapped impurities.


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Preventing your pores from getting clogged is the answer to putting an end to those frustrating breakouts. With a better understanding of how your pore works, you can keep them clear effectively for better skin.


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