4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Stop Making At Home

4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Stop Making At Home

  • 06, May 2020

Losing weight is not an easy journey. As the nation goes through the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period, going out for your slimming package sessions is no longer possible – at least temporarily. Your weight loss efforts will have to be re-focused into doing them at home as Singapore rides out the pandemic outbreak.


As people are homebound, screen time duration and sedentary activities are expected to rise under safe distancing orders. This can easily contribute to unhealthy weight gain, bringing you further from your weight loss goals. It is an even crucial time for you to follow a healthy diet and have a consistent workout routine to keep the weight gain at bay. As you’re working to shed the extra weight, here are some common weight loss mistakes you should avoid.


1. Focusing too much on the scale


Many people might feel like they are not losing weight at the anticipated rate, despite sticking to their diets and workout routines. However, it is important to remember that the number on the weighing scale is only one measure of weight change. There are several factors that influence weight, such as food intake, fluid retention and hormonal changes.


If you haven’t been seeing any movement on the scale, you might be losing fat mass but retaining excess water weight. At the same time, you can also be gaining muscles and losing fat. Despite a stable scale weight, you would have no idea if it is due to fat or muscle. One way to find out is by your body measurements – your clothes may begin to feel a little loose on you, particularly around the waistline. Measure your waist and start taking monthly pictures of yourself – you will end up seeing that you are actually losing fat even though there is little difference on the scale number.


2. Processed low-fat foods


It can be easy to develop poor eating habits and mindlessly snack while working from home. Besides making sure that you have a balanced intake of protein, sugar and fiber, watch out for processed low-fat foods that are often considered as good choices for losing weight. But actually, many of these are packed in sugar to enhance the flavour and taste. Low-fat products might not keep you full. Instead, they are likely to make you hungrier and you will end up eating more. It will also lead to higher calorie intake.


Pick a combination of minimally processed, nutritious foods instead. They also help to simplify prepping and cooking so you can whip up a filling and nourishing meal without spending too much time in the kitchen. Some examples are chickpea pasta, tempeh, frozen fruits and vegetables, and roasted nuts.


3.Falling into stagnation


Many can fall into the trap of taking it too easy or hardly progressing from where they began, also known as weight loss plateau. When you first started, you are likely to be working out at a low intensity. After several weeks of training, you have to increase the intensity to boost the burn. As you gain strength, go for short bursts of vigorous activity which can burn more calories and fat as compared to constant, moderately intensive workouts. Since going to the gym is not the go-to option during the pandemic, opt for aerobic exercises you can subscribe to online such as Youtube and Zoom. Enhance your results with our Thermal Dopa Set which offers plenty of benefits including promoting blood circulation and burning of excessive fat.


4. Paying too much attention to calories


Counting your calories can be a useful way to monitor what you eat. However, it is important to avoid obsessing over the numbers instead of the nutrients. Check the nutritional information on top of the calories as well. Plus, this is a good time for you to start food logging daily. It helps you to stay accountable for every meal and snack so you can prevent mindless snacking. You can also try writing down meals or snacks for the day on the night before or the morning of. This can also give you some direction in monitoring your portion.


Staying at home all day can prove to be a challenge in your weight loss journey. While going out for your cellulite massage session may not be possible right now, maintain your efforts to keep the weight gain at bay. Our HomeoDOPA Product Set is available to help you with 2 weeks of skin and body detox by eating right. We also have an ongoing affordable facial promotion going at 480 for 8 sessions (after 7% GST) for new customers at Adonis!