4 Lifestyle Changes For An Effective Weight Loss Journey

4 Lifestyle Changes For An Effective Weight Loss Journey

  • 06, Feb 2020

According to the Health Promotion Board, more than 1.7 million Singaporeans at risk of obesity today. Many have started working hard on losing weight while others are still fighting the battle within their own mind.

Losing weight may seem like a tall order, but it is not impossible to achieve. With effective slimming treatments and healthy lifestyle changes, not only will you get quicker results, they will last longer too. Here are 4 lifestyle changes to ensure that you can make your weight loss journey an effective and enjoyable one.

1. Fight your procrastination

The biggest barrier to effective weight loss is by making excuses for yourself. It is inevitable for us to find reasons to stop us from what we need to do, such as getting started on a slimming package or a weight loss program. The most common excuse many people use is the lack of time.

When we don’t make our own time, we tend to procrastinate at the start date and put off activities such as exercising at the gym or even going for a jog. Amidst your busy schedule, try to plan ahead and fit a workout or cellulite treatment session within your day or week. If losing these weights is important to you, make time for weight loss activities and stay focus.

2. Consider healthier food choices

Watch what you eat. Your diet shouldn't just stop at shifting from high-calorie foods to something that offers lower calories. Instead, replace meals that offers higher nutrition and satiety-boosting food that helps to prevent needless snacking.

Start introducing “new” food bit by bit and your taste buds will learn to enjoy healthier food eventually. During this transition, you might even find the taste of healthier options growing on you, making it easier get through the journey in losing weight. Consider close alternatives for your meals too. For instance, whole-grain meals can be a great alternative for refined grain meals. This helps to improve your bowel movement and keep your weight in check.

3. Staying active

While effective slimming treatments can give you a head start in shedding those extra kilos, your journey to effective weight loss may be incomplete if you don’t make attempts to stay active.

Exercises don't just burn off excess calories, they also improve blood circulation, strengthen your muscles and immune system, and boost your mood. You don’t have to make drastic changes either. Aim for at least 30 minutes of simple exercises such as walking or cycling, which can go a long way in ensuring you stay active and keep your mind and body healthy.

4. Be patient with losing weight

It is important to set realistic body goals when starting on your journey to losing weight. Setting time-bound targets can make you ditch slimming packages or abandon your weight loss plans halfway if you don’t see immediate results. While it is important to set your targets high, effective weight loss with sustainable results is more about changing your behaviour than achieving a goal. Not only will you develop healthy habits, but your weight loss journey will be much more effective.

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