4 Specific Body Areas That Stubborn Fat Can Linger On

4 Specific Body Areas That Stubborn Fat Can Linger On

  • 09, Apr 2020

If you’ve ever tried a weight loss program or a slimming package to eliminate that stubborn fat accumulated around your belly, waist, hips or thighs, you’ll know it’s not easy. Fat deposits cling to these areas, and it seems no matter how long you spend in the gym, it just won’t budge. Due to age-related muscle loss, weight gain also becomes easier and getting rid of it is much harder!


The effect of your hormones


Certain hormones, including leptin and insulin, play a massive role in how your body stores fat. Not only do they determine where the fat is stored, but they can also control other bodily functions such as appetite and metabolism. If there is any hormonal imbalance in your body, this can result in water retention, weight gain and higher levels of fat accumulation.


We take a closer look at some of the most common problem areas where stubborn fat lies on the body and our tips to help you tackle this issue.


1. Upper arms


Flabby arms can be a result of excess body fat as well as the natural ageing process. Due to age, the skin loses connective tissues and elasticity over time which brings a saggy appearance that many may deem as unsightly. And as you grow older, body fat tends to increase. Combined with a lack of exercise, this can exacerbate the problem. Try compound exercises instead of isolated ones, such as squats and front lunges, to work multiple muscle groups at the same time. This involves multiple joint movements which can improve muscle strength while encouraging fat loss.


2. Stomach and waist


The most significant cause of fat deposits around the stomach and waist is what you put into your body. This is especially true for poor diet choices with foods that are high in sugar, fat, carbs as well as processed foods. Having a thicker area around your tummy and hips can be a sign that your body is not handling insulin well, and often results in fatty deposits in the abdomen and a larger waistline.


Ageing also plays a part, and for women going through menopause (low levels of estrogen), this can lead to an increased risk of developing the dreaded muffin top. While there is less muscle around your hips, abdominal exercises such as bicycle crunches can provide the biggest impact on these areas. Want a convenient and easy solution to get rid of these excess fats? Try our Thermal Dopa Set! Use it anywhere, anytime.


3. Double chin


Caused by excess fat in the body, double chins can affect both men and women. They can be easily highlighted in photographs, which can make people feel insecure about their appearance. The cause is also related to genetics; if you have a family history of double chins or little skin elasticity. Ageing is another factor because when the skin loosens with age and neck muscles are weakened – this causes the skin around the chin area to droop or sag.


Get your neck muscles working by chewing your food carefully – this also helps in better digestion and may even promote weight loss. A quick way to lose weight around the face is by exercising, which can remove the excess fat stored in the chin and neck area. There are also targeted facial exercises you can try that specifically tone your neck and jaw muscles. Remember to apply sunscreen and protect your neck from sun damage – this helps to keep the skin firmer and less saggy.


Thighs and bottom


Food choices here play a significant role. Eating too much refined carbs and processed foods can lead to excess fat storage in these areas. Age and hormones  can also cause fat to settle around the lower body area: the pelvis, thighs and bottom, making it difficult for you to shed those stubborn fats. Incorporate exercises like plank leg lifts, side lunge sweep and step-ups into your routine to activate those glute muscles, tone your thighs and lift your bottom.


Boost your efforts with the help of cellulite massages and treatments to help tackle excess fat and irregular texture on the skin. At Adonis, we use Thermal Dopa Set to drain away excess fluid and trapped toxins that were stored beneath the skin which causes sagging and dimpling around the area. Eliminating it will help you to achieve a smoother skin texture. New customers can also enjoy this treatment promotion – going on at only $48 (after 7% GST)!