4 Ways Facials Are More Than Just A Pampering Session

4 Ways Facials Are More Than Just A Pampering Session

  • 21, Oct 2020

Nothing beats the feeling of gliding your fingers over your soft and supple skin on your face. Most of us stick to a daily skincare routine diligently, but once in a while, visiting a professional for facial services is beneficial too. Even if you don’t have any major concerns, your face deserves and needs to be pampered to keep it healthy and clear.


More importantly, a professional can help you truly understand your skin. Going for facials is the perfect way to know more about your skin, whether it lacks hydration or produces too much sebum, and address those issues effectively – be it wrinkles, dry skin, hyperpigmentation or severe acne.


As good as facials make you feel and soothe your mind, they are more than just a pampering activity. Here are 4 ways how facial treatments will have a desirable effect on your skin.


1. Promote blood circulation


A facial massage will improve the blood circulation in your skin, which allows your skin cells to receive the oxygen and nutrients they need. When circulation is poor and slow, skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema can worsen.


At the same time, healthy blood flow helps to eliminate waste like free radicals that cause ageing and dulls the natural complexion.


Pamper your skin with the nourishment it needs, with our Hudor Sleeping Mask. Suitable for dehydrated, dull and dry skin, this mask contains key ingredients like Resistem (botanical stem cells) and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract to deeply hydrate your skin. Use it as a rinse-off mask or leave it on overnight for optimum results and wake up to supple, regenerated skin.


2. Eliminate blackheads and whiteheads


No matter how frequently you exfoliate, sometimes the presence of whiteheads and blackheads still remains. Rather than picking and squeezing your skin, which can cause damage and potential infection to the affected area, rely on a professional to extract these impurities.


Under the hands of a skilled professional, your facial treatment will include an extraction step to gently clear out your pores without harming your skin. When you’re able to tackle your congested skin effectively, you can look forward to a much smoother, clearer complexion.


3. Combat ageing and reduce stress


As we age, collagen production decreases year by year – this results in skin that has less elasticity and with more visible lines and wrinkles. Facials can help to stimulate new growth of collagen by increasing circulation.


At the same time, they typically incorporate patented technologies and propriety serums made with nourishing ingredients to benefit the skin and restore a youthful glow. A study also found that facial massages activate your sympathetic nervous system, thus reducing your anxiety levels and uplifting your mood.


If you’re on the lookout for a product which tackles ageing and stressed-out skin, our 2-in-1 Aspure Sleeping Mask is your definite go-to! It contains Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that improves visible signs of ageing so you can achieve a revitalised skin with a youthful glow. Wash the mask off after leaving it on for 20 minutes or use it overnight to target fine lines and brighten your skin.


4. Boost the absorption abilities of your skin


Whatever products you’re using in your skincare regime, you’d definitely wait to make the most of it. Going for facial sessions regularly also increases your skin’s ability to absorb your skincare products effectively. Not only does it help to remove dead skin cells on your skin’s surface, this also allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin to work its magic.


Give your skin the TLC it deserves


The benefits of going for facial sessions go beyond merely pampering yourself – it provides close attention to what your skin needs and restore the state of your skin. It comes as no surprise that regular facials can really make a difference to your complexion.


Give your skin a boost with our 75-min Adonis Signature Deep Cleansing Clarity Facial to exfoliate and nourish your complexion. Our aestheticians will analyse your skin before customising this facial package that caters to your skin’s needs. It includes a deep cleansing step, exfoliation peel, extraction and light infusion ampoule therapy to refresh your skin.


For new customers at Adonis, they can also enjoy our Auras Detox facial, which comprises of basic cleansing facial and skin rejuvenation. Limited to 1 time per pax, this affordable facial is available at $51.36 for 1 session (after 7% GST).