5 Common Reasons Behind Your Muscle Aches And Pains

5 Common Reasons Behind Your Muscle Aches And Pains

  • 18, Nov 2020

While you probably know that muscle aches and pains become increasingly common as you age, you may be wondering what triggers the nagging pain. To put it simply, it’s caused by inflammation. Apart from well-known conditions like the flu, there is a multitude of other behaviours and conditions that bring up your body’s inflammatory responses.


It’s important to get to the root of your muscle pains so that you can treat it accordingly and find some relief. Let’s find out some of the common reasons behind your muscle aches and pains.


1. Injury


You can injure your muscles without being aware of it at the time. The most common type of injury that can occur day-to-day is muscle strain from daily movements. Exercise, falls and sudden twisting motions are examples of activities that can overstretch your muscles and cause tears, subsequently leading to pain.


Poor posture from slouching and hunching your back can also cause aches and pains as unnatural body positions place strain on your muscles and soft tissues.


2. Infections


Viral infections such as a cold or the flu cause widespread inflammation as your body attempts to fight them off. Aside from a sore throat, muscle pains are a common symptom of these infections as well.


As your body channels all its energy towards fighting the infection, you may also feel fatigued, which is another cause for the muscle aches throughout your body.


3. Stress


If you’re going through a period of psychological stress, it can manifest physically as muscle tension. Acute stress causes your muscles to tense up, but the tension is released once the stress passes.


On the other hand, chronic stress may cause your muscles to remain in a nearly constant state of tension, leading to headaches and pain in your shoulders and neck. Chronic stress also amps up inflammation, causing symptoms such as muscle breakdown, pain and fatigue.


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4. Lack of sleep


You’re likely aware of how sleep is necessary to keep you alert throughout the day, but you may not realise how important it is in ensuring that your body stays ache-free.


You need at least six to eight hours of undisrupted sleep every night for your body to repair its tissues and cells. Without sufficient sleep, your body isn’t able to replenish the essential energies and processes needed for it to stay healthy, which can lead to muscle pains.


A lack of sleep also weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to infections that cause muscle aches and pains.


5. Fibromyalgia


While it’s widely misunderstood, fibromyalgia is a fairly common condition that is identified by widespread pain in your muscles, bones or ligaments. It may also make you feel sensitive to touch and severely fatigued.


The cause of this condition isn’t certain, but it’s believed that stressful events such as surgery, physical trauma and infections may trigger it.




Muscle aches and pains aren’t something anyone wants to deal with for a long period of time. While sometimes they can’t be completely prevented, there are fortunately a number of ways to find some relief. One of which is to de-stress, so that you won’t be dealing with tense muscles for too long. And what better way to relax than to pamper yourself with a facial treatment!


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