5 Must-Have Essentials To Keep Handy For ‘The New Normal’

5 Must-Have Essentials To Keep Handy For ‘The New Normal’

  • 26, Aug 2020

As restrictions get lifted, people are starting to go back to their daily routine, albeit with plenty of adjustments. Walking the dog, going to the grocery store and commuting to work used to be activities we didn’t give much thought about until the pandemic hits.


From face masks to hand sanitisers, we have relied on these essentials to brave the outdoors now with a little more confidence in protecting our health.


In these stressful times, there are also other necessities that we should keep within arm’s reach to help us get through this new normal.


1. Sunscreen


As half of your face is covered when you’re outdoors, this means you can easily go makeup-free. But one item that you shouldn’t leave out of your routine is sunscreen.


While some people are still working at home and limiting their time outdoors, it doesn’t mean that you are completely safe from the sun exposure.


If you sit next to the window, UV rays can still penetrate through the glass screen and cause harm to your skin. Sunscreen remains to be a must so protect your skin during daytime, even at home.


2. Hand sanitiser


During COVID-19, hand sanitisers have joined the list of things that you can’t leave home without – keys, wallet and phone.


We have quickly learned that alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be helpful in many situations where soap and water may not be immediately accessible to wash our hands. While they shouldn’t be replaced with handwashing, using a hand sanitiser can be helpful in removing germs and bacteria.


A good time to use it is after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing, to avoid spreading germs. Put a good amount of sanitiser on your hands to cover the surface and rub your hands together for about 20 seconds until they feel dry.


Add our specially formulated Auras Hand Sanitiser in your bag, which effectively kills 99.9%* germs and bacteria to protect your hands. It is also formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to leave your skin soft and moisturised without being too harsh and any sticky residue.


3. Face mist


When the pandemic broke out this year, it hit everyone hard with waves of paranoia and heightened stress as we try to make adjustments to our daily routine. Stress that is left unchecked and unmanaged can take its toll on our mental health and cause breakouts due to the high cortisol levels.


A stress-quelling face mist will not only refresh your face, but provide a mood-boosting effect to breathe and reboot. Light and refreshing, face mists offer a great way to re-hydrate your skin especially after a few hours of wearing your mask.


A few spritzes of it will also be enough to put you in a more relaxed state of mind.


Refresh your skin with our all-in-one Oxy Spray! It contains highly concentrated oxygenated swiss water to refresh your skin, body and hair, and protect against dryness and moisture loss. With frequent use, it can even improve the surface structure of dry, sun-damaged or chemical-damaged hair caused by dyeing, perming and bleaching.


4. Moisturisers and spot treatments


From redness to breakouts, the area on your skin – especially around your jawline and mouth – may experience maskne: a form of acne that occurs due to mask-wearing.


Friction that is caused by the mask rubbing onto your skin and the humid environment beneath the mask make the ideal combination for the skin to get irritated, become inflamed and lead to breakouts.


The occasional zit-zapping spot treatment comes in handy to attend to the needs of stressed, compromised skin. While you work to calm a blemish quickly, don’t forget to address your dehydrated skin with a hydrating and light moisturiser.


5. Sleeping masks


We know how important getting our beauty rest is, especially when sleep promotes physical and emotional wellness which is vital during this global pandemic. This is also a chance for your skin to repair and rest from daily cellular wear and tear.


Sleeping masks work overnight to hydrate and replenish your skin – all while you’re asleep! Comfortable enough to sleep with them on, the active ingredients are slowly released throughout the night so you can wake up with rejuvenated skin.


Aside from helping to deeply moisturise your skin, they also act as a sealant for your serum to lock all the goodness in.


Treat your skin with our antioxidant-rich Aspure Sleeping Mask, which targets ageing and stressed-out skin. It is formulated with key ingredients like Licorice Root Extract and Astaxanthin to address hyperpigmentation and brighten skin tone. You can leave it on for 15-20 mins before rinsing off, or leave on overnight for optimum results. Because of its hydrating properties, it can also help to reduce your oily T-zone area while you sleep.


Final thoughts


As you aim to keep these essentials close and within reach, getting a facial also provides a good boost to your skin’s health. At Adonis, we provide facial services to help you treat common skin problems.


Our Auras Oxy Facial is packed with essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins for much-needed nourishment to the skin. This oxygen facial will also infuse your skin’s surface with highly concentrated oxygen molecules to energise your skin.


New customers can sign up for our facial package at only $480 for 8 sessions (after 7% GST), where our aestheticians will customise a suitable treatment to match your skin needs.