5 Sanitary Habits To Practise For Your Skincare Routine

5 Sanitary Habits To Practise For Your Skincare Routine

  • 23, Sep 2020

If the constant emergence of skincare trends and products are of any indication, it’s that the effort and time to achieve your desired skin is a never-ending journey.


Unfortunately, the very same effort, time and money used to figure out and tailor a skincare routine will all be for nought if you overlook the importance of skincare hygiene.


After all, sanitary and hygiene are the very basis of what skincare is. To help you jumpstart your hygienic practices, here are 5 sanitary habits to practise in your skincare regimen.


1. Washing your hands before and after your regimen


In recent times, we’re constantly reminded of the importance of regularly washing one’s hands throughout the day. In skincare, this task hasn’t been emphasised as much as it should’ve been.


Since we’ll be touching our faces with our skincare products, it’s paramount that we should start with clean hands. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, and ensure that you cover all crevices.


In fact, take it even further and wipe down the surfaces of your skincare products. After all, your hands are not the only surfaces where germs and bacteria gather.


2. Only use freshly laundered wash cloths


If you prefer washing your face with a wash cloth, you will have to add regular washing into your things-to-do.


Wash cloths that are often not cleaned properly in between uses become the perfect environment to house bacteria and germs. Thus, always make it a point to wash your wash cloths regularly and use only freshly laundered ones during your routine.


Whether you prefer using your hands or a cleansing tool, refresh your skin with our Aspure Wash. It is formulated with key ingredients like Licorice Root Extract and Astaxanthin to remove impurities and brighten your skin’s complexion. It also contains Gotu Kola Extract that helps to calm inflammation and revitalise the skin's protective barrier.


3. Don’t dip your fingers in the product


Many beauty and skincare companies are switching over to airtight containers for their product packaging, which is a great plus point for sanitary reasons.


That said, it still doesn’t negate the fact that germs and bacteria still exist on the surface of your favourite products. Instead of having to constantly wash your hands after every usage, opt for a sanitary beauty spatula where you can wash and clean with ease.


4. Never touch your skin


Touching and picking at our skin is a mindless habit that can be detrimental to our skin. Not only are our hands carry germs and bacteria, but the act of picking at your skin will also aggravate your acne and scars.


Instead, opt for gentle physical exfoliants to fight the breakout, clear away impurities and buff away the dead skin cells. You can then finish it with a skincare product that help to treat blemishes.


Try our Aspure Serum which is packed with active ingredients such as the Gotu Kola Extract and Jojoba oil to promote skin recovery and healing, encourage collagen production and calms inflammation. It will also work to brighten your skin and promote better circulation in the skin for a youthful glow.


5. Toss expired skincare products


As with many other products, skincare products do expire. Not only do they lose their effectiveness over time, but they become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Expired products can easily cause breakouts, infections and even skin flare ups.


There are a few techniques you can use to salvage your makeup. For instance, you can remove the top layer of your favourite lipstick to rid of the bacteria that fester on the surface. You can also wipe your lip gloss wand clean with alcohol and the product will naturally last longer.


Otherwise, always stick within the allotted time frame and throw away those that have over welcomed their stay.


Practise the very foundation of skincare routines


Ensure that you have set the very foundation of your skincare routine by picking up these sanitary practices. After all, it’s the very first step to achieving the radiant, glowing skin you’ve always dreamt of having.


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