5 Skincare Tips To Survive The Hot And Humid Weather

5 Skincare Tips To Survive The Hot And Humid Weather

  • 10, Feb 2020

The weather in Singapore is known to be rather hot and humid, with the average temperature ranging between 26 to 33 degrees Celsius and humidity levels found to be more than 70% all-year-round. Even by just stepping outside under Singapore’s weather, you’ll find your body perspiring almost immediately.

And sweat isn’t only thing you have to worry about – the unforgiving humid weather can wreak havoc on your complexion with increased sebum production, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts easily. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you beat the heat and keep your skin glowing throughout the day – starting with our 5 skincare tips.

1. Twice a day cleansing ritual

Cleansing your face daily is highly essential, even more so with Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Do it twice daily, once in the morning and at night, so you can remove all trace of makeup, dead skin cells, oil, sweat and any other impurities that are trapped or clogging your pores.

Incorporate a massage while cleansing with two fingers in circular motions – starting from the forehead and move outward to the temples, eyes and along the cheeks.

Keep up with this habit every day and you can reduce the possibilities of clogged pores, while making your skin feel fresh and healthy.

2. Averting acne

Heat and high humidity have a tendency of overstimulating the sebaceous glands, therefore triggering pimples and breakouts. With increased oil production, this can spell bad news for your acne condition.

After cleansing, get rid of lingering build-up residual of dirt and oil with a chemical exfoliator. Glycolic acid, AHA and BHA are known powerful ingredients in skincare product that can help to resurface dead skin cells and reveal smoother, youthful-looking skin. Don’t forget to follow up with a lightweight hydrator to moisturise the skin and balance sebum production to keep acne at bay.

3. Making regular visits

Facial treatments today are not only catered to target specific skin issues, it has become a popular alternative to relax the mind and keep your skin looking its best. Despite how diligent you can be with your daily skincare regime; facials can give an added boost in improving your complexion and the efficacy of your skincare products.

In any given day, the amount of heat and sweat produced can accumulates dust, dirt, and secrete more sebaceous oil on our skin causing your skin to breakout. Environment pollutants may also contribute to early skin ageing and inflammatory lesions. Scheduling regular facials can keep your skin in check and leaves little room for your skin to react to daily stressor. Tip: Adonis provides one of the best facial promotions in Singapore so you can treat your skin well without breaking the bank!

4. Hydrate yourself often

Do you know that when you are not perspiring, it could be a sign that your body is dehydrating? Especially in this hot and humid weather, our bodies lose fluid more than usual. When dehydrated, your body takes away moisture from your skin and supplies it to other vital parts which requires fluid to function properly. This is known as a built-in mechanism for minimising fluid loss.

At the same time, the skin naturally produces more oil on the face to compensate for the lack of hydration, causing clogged pores and breakouts to occur easily. The skin can even feel oily and dry at the same time. To counter dehydration, you should drink plenty of water and keep a bottle handy at all times. Drinking plenty of water also helps to flush out toxins from your body and keeps your skin looking radiant.

5. Don’t skip sunscreen

Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 before leaving your house. The UV exposure and radiation from the sun is one of the most damaging elements to your skin – so it is essential to protect yourself from free radical damage. Constant sun exposure is also responsible for age spots and sun damaged skin. Thus, always use adequate sun protection to reduce the damaging effects of the sun.

Screen (Tinted) 40gm provides a sheer coverage, without leaving the unsightly white cast and keep your skin moisturise at the same time. 

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