5 Ways To Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey Successfully

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey Successfully

  • 23, Dec 2019

The decision to lose weight is a worthy one for your health but it comes with the staggering reality of the task at hand. There are bound to be challenges whenever you being something new and losing weight is a struggle many often face. However, weight loss is a journey that you can actually go through. It’s time to take action now towards achieving your ideal weight loss goal and keep the lost weight off.


Here are 5 ways how you can kick start your weight loss journey successfully and stick with it for the long haul!


Take a step at a time


The journey to weight loss can be a bumpy road. You should not wear yourself down too much. Our bodies have their own limits which you ought to keep that in mind. For instance, if you are cutting down on your food intake, it should be done responsibly. Starving can bring a negative impact on your health.


Still, some unhealthy habits like regular eating of junk food might be quite challenging to shed off. Be patient and take baby steps. New eating habits require some time to be inculcated and for your body to get used to it, so they can last for a long time. Making small and gradual changes in your eating patterns is also a great way to overhaul your diet.


Watch your eating habits


This includes your eating patterns as well as the diet itself. Overeating can easily culminate in uncontrolled weight gain. Another concern is your diet, which should include low-fat protein (found in fish, lean meats, low-fat dairy and soy) and high-fiber foods like beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Reducing your carbs intake can be impactful too. As carbs are converted into simple sugars for energy, lower carbs mean lower insulin levels and the body begins to burn stored fat for energy.


You can focus on complex and natural sources of carbs found in whole grains, starchy vegetables, and legumes. They provide you with a more consistent amount of energy, higher in nutrients and fiber, and digests more slowly, making them more filling and a good option for weight control.


It is recommended to cut down your consumption on simple sugars from your diet as they are low in fiber and digested quickly. Refined sugars have also proven to hamper the fat burning process, thus it can be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.


Curb stress levels


Stress is another aspect of one’s lifestyle that can contribute to weight gain. In constant stressful situations, stress hormones are released and this can promote storage of fat, particularly around the abdomen where there is more fatty tissue and cellulite can easily occur. Chronic stress has an effect on your body’s metabolism, making you crave for higher-calorie comfort foods, such as chocolates and ice creams, to feel better. One way to tackle cellulite is through anti cellulite massages which improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow circulation in the body while assisting in weight loss.


Effective stress management is imperative if you really want to deal with a weight problem. One of the best ways to manage your stress level is by catching sufficient sleep.  Short-term sleep deprivation leads to increased calorie intake and weight gain. You can learn and practise relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation, and make time for your personal interests, hobbies and relaxation.


Staying fit


Combined with healthy lifestyle habits and diet, regular exercising is a powerful tool for a successful weight loss journey. It helps you burn calories, increase strength and improve overall health. In addition to bringing your weight lower on the scales, exercise will improve your sleep and metabolism.


But sticking to your routine can be a struggle. If time is a constraint for you, fit in fitness first thing in the morning. This ensures it won’t get squeezed out of your busy day ahead. If procrastination is your weakness, get involved in something official such as a gym membership or a regular Zumba class. It helps you to keep come back and gives you a sense of accountability that is vital to your weight loss success. You can also give other methods a try such as slimming massages to help in your weight loss goals.


Find a source of motivation


Sometimes, you face difficult days where you need someone to talk to, or even work out with you when you don’t wish to do it alone. Having a support system can help you get through this journey. Working out alongside a friend or getting support from your partner might also help to keep you on track. You will also be motivated to stick to your plan when you know you have encouragement from people who are rooting for your journey. It can also be helpful to have a tangible goal, such as completing a certain exercise routine or achieving a specific time goal, to keep you going.


Making the decision to improve your health and lose the excess weight is already half the journey. The road ahead will have some bumps but with a positive attitude, support system, eating and fitness plan, you will be on your way to a successful journey. You can also enhance your efforts by going for an effective slimming treatment to help you burn the excess fat and slim down.