6 Ways To Detox Your Skin And Regain Facial Clarity

6 Ways To Detox Your Skin And Regain Facial Clarity

  • 25, Nov 2020

As the largest organ in your body, the condition of your skin is largely affected by how your other body parts are functioning. If your gut is dealing with too much junk food or your brain is tired from coping with stress, it will show on your skin. This means excess sebum, clogged pores and breakouts!


You’ve probably heard of detox diets to cleanse your gut, but what about a detox for your skin? The goal is to renew and revitalise your skin’s health so you can enjoy clear, radiant skin. If you detox correctly, your skin may even look better than it was before!


From dull skin to acne breakouts, say goodbye to bad skin days! Here are 6 ways to detox your skin and regain facial clarity.


1. Steam your face


Steaming your face is an excellent way to open up your pores and loosen any build-up of dirt for a deeper cleanse. This will also soften any blackheads for easier removal. Plus, the combination of warm steam and perspiration dilates your blood vessels and increases circulation to leave your skin flushed and glowing.


If you don’t have a facial steamer, set up your own by boiling a pot of water and transferring the water to a bowl. Then, hover your face above the bowl and wrap a towel on your head to direct the steam to your pores for 10 minutes.


2. Apply a mud mask


Mud masks are your best friend when it comes to drawing excess oil and impurities out of the top layers of your skin. Apply a mud mask once or twice a week depending on your skin’s needs.


Avoid leaving the mask on until it’s too dried. Doing this strips your skin’s natural oils that keep it hydrated – which could cause greater skin problems.


3. Hydrate your skin


The steaming and mud mask steps will have helped to exfoliate your skin and remove impurities and dead skin cells. Follow this up with a serum, which should be used twice daily as they hydrate your skin and allow the products you layer on top of them to penetrate deeper into your skin. This allows the ingredients to be more effective.


Depending on your skin type, serums should be followed by moisturiser and SPF in the morning, and night cream, moisturiser or mask at night.


For an extra boost of nourishment to your skin, apply our Time Capsule which contains 9EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), Oligo Peptide and WhiteTM (Butylene Glycol). These skin-loving ingredients work to brighten and repair your skin while stimulating collagen production for a younger-looking complexion.


4. Go for a facial


A facial treatment can thoroughly clean out your pores more effectively than your usual skincare routine. And it even comes with a face massage! For an affordable facial in Singapore, treat yourself to Adonis’ signature Auras Detox Facial, specially tailored for your skin concerns.


This deep cleansing facial penetrates your pores to get rid of dead skin, sebum and environmental debris. Not to mention, it’s a perfect de-stressor as you sit back and let experienced beauticians take care of your skin!


5. Drink water


Drinking water is one of the easiest and sure ways to clear your skin. While coffee, alcohol and sugary juices may be delicious, they dehydrate your body and may do more harm than good. During your detox, it may help to take a break from these beverages and stick solely to water.


Swap your morning coffee for hydrating green tea – an ideal supplement for cleansing and detoxifying your body. Avoid sugary drinks and aim to drink your recommended eight glasses of water a day.


6. Eat healthily


A healthy diet isn’t exclusive to a gut detox! If you love your French fries and ice-cream, it may be hard to accept that these junk foods a hindrance to rejuvenating your skin.


For the duration of your detox, cut out dairy, fried foods and added sugar, as they’re known to clog pores and dull your skin. Instead, be sure to eat lots of alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables like kale, broccoli, watermelon, pears and bananas.


These foods contain an abundance of calcium, magnesium and potassium, which keep your skin strong. Including healthy fats such as avocados and walnuts also helps you to achieve a radiant glow from the inside out.




Restore your complexion to how it looked before by getting rid of toxins in your skin from the inside out! While going on a skin detox, regular facial treatments are beneficial for addressing your skin concerns and ensuring that your skincare products achieve the best results.


If you’re a first-timer to facials, try out our Auras Detox Facial at just $51.36 (after 7% GST) for 1 session, limited to 1 time per pax and for new customers only. Our experienced beauticians will conduct a detailed analysis of your skin, and tailor a treatment that suits your needs to cleanse and rejuvenate your complexion.