A Deeper Look At Cellulite: 9 Facts You Should Know About

A Deeper Look At Cellulite: 9 Facts You Should Know About

  • 04, Feb 2020

Most people are unable to distinguish between the facts and myths surrounding cellulite. And eventually, they can’t tell what is true and false.

But what we are all sure of is that many are always in a constant battle with cellulite.

And the only way to beat it and prevent cellulite from appearing again is by fully understanding it. Once you understand the facts clearly, you will know what actions to take for overcoming this problem.

UV Rays make cellulite look worse

Repeated exposure to UV rays only worsens the appearance of cellulite.

These UV rays can damage collagen and make cellulite more visible to one’s eyes. While taking shade away from the sun will help in some sort of way, the best precaution to take is the application of sunscreen. Apply lots and the sun damage won’t affect your skin, and cellulite appearance.

Age plays a part

Another fact about cellulite is that it only gets worse with age.

This has a lot to do with hormones, specifically estrogen, which the body produces less of, over time. With less estrogen, blood circulation is impacted, hampering the production of collagen.

Exercise helps

Although cellulite can’t be removed completely, there is still a way to make its appearance less obvious - through the beauty of exercising.

While exercising helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, not every type of exercise does. In fact, some say strength training works best. Exercises like lunges and squats will help reduce cellulite appearance and even give your body a good workout.

Many beauty salons offer cellulite massages aimed at combating cellulite. Whether it is about dealing with issues like stretch marks, sunken or sagging bottoms to edema - a cellulite massage helps in this regard effectively.

At Adonis, we provide cellulite massages to counter the problem that many people face - cellulite. The combination of our formulated Auras Oil and non-invasive technology, Homeopac, reduces not only the appearance of cellulite but offers other benefits like improved circulation and an increase in energy vitality.

Skin fillers work

With skin fillers, you can even out your dimply skin. This method works particularly well for leaner people as it helps to plump their skin up and even out the appearance of cellulite.

Although it does not permanently get rid of cellulite, it helps with its appearance in some sort of way.

Non-invasive treatments are effective

There are many types of non-invasive treatments which have been proven to be effective, ranging from radio-frequency, laser treatments to massage techniques.

While they are costly, a few appointments will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, they do not completely remove cellulite, but merely help to reduce its appearance.

Proper diet makes a difference

Having a well-balanced diet will help in making your cellulite less visible.

Having a well-balanced diet will help in making your cellulite less visible. How exactly does it do that? Well, it’s through the nutrients and vitamins that are found within the food.

Certain food like salmon and chocolate are packed with antioxidants which help to break down fat cells in cellulite effectively. Additionally, it even helps to boost the function of all cells.

However, food is not only the key factor, hydration also plays a part in reducing cellulite appearance.

Cellulite may be in your genes

There are many ways to get cellulite and one of them includes your genes.

Few people know for a fact that cellulite can be genetically passed on. While it is unavoidable, cellulite is natural and there is nothing wrong with it. Just take the necessary precautions to make cellulite less visible or perhaps prevent it from appearing again.

Although you know how cellulite looks like, everything else about it may be a blur to you.

We hope that these facts will help to widen your knowledge about cellulite and understand how to deal with it when it starts to form.