Adonis Comedone Set: Unclog Pores And Remove Blackheads At Home

Adonis Comedone Set: Unclog Pores And Remove Blackheads At Home

  • 19, May 2020

We are all too familiar with the red, angry-looking acne breakouts, but what about the little bumps that form on the skin? Referred to as comedones, they are caused by clogged pores due to the accumulation of oil and dead skin cells. Comedones appear most commonly on the forehead, chin, and jawline but they can also develop on body parts such as the neck, shoulders, back, and chest area.


There are 2 types of comedones:


Open comedones are blackheads – the plug gets oxidised and turns black due to air exposure.


Closed comedones are whiteheads – the pore opening is obstructed from being exposed to air.


Comedones will appear elevated above the surface of the skin, giving a bumpy appearance that can affect the texture of your complexion. Unlike pimples, comedones are not filled with pus and they typically cannot be popped. Attempting to squeeze them, or if they get irritated by bacteria, will cause these comedones to become infected and inflammed, eventually growing into cystic or inflammatory pimples.


The best way to treat comedones is to tackle the root of the issue and prevent trapped oil, dead skin cells, and dirt from clogging your pores.


Comedone Set


Our Comedone Set helps to unclog pores, eliminate blackheads and remove dead skin cells to boost skin clarity. At the same time, this will reduce your chances of comedones developing and causing unsightly bumps on your skin.


This Comedone Set is great as an alternative to having your own mini facial to extract the blackheads and dead skin cells at the comfort of your home. If you’ve been fretting about missing your beauty appointments due to the Circuit Breaker measures, this can help to get your skin condition back on track and provide a boost to your daily skincare regime.


What is included in the Comedone Set



The set comes with the Comedone tonic, Comedone solution, Comedone Sebum sticker and Comedone Essence. There are 10 packs of the Comedone solution and Sebum stickers included.


How to use the Comedone Set



The application of the Comedone Set involves 4 easy steps. We will explain further on the purpose of each step below.


Step 1: Dabbing of the Comedone tonic on affected areas helps to remove any impurities under the surface of the skin, including black and white heads. This step also helps to prepare for Step 2.


Step 2: The softened Comedone solution comprises of a more concentrated formula and is ‘activated’ to remove impurities in the concerned areas, in preparation for Step 3.


Step 3: The Sebum sticker as well as the Comedone solution will focus on the targeted area to further remove all impurities effectively.


Step 4: Once done, the Comedone essence is essential to help firm and tighten your cleansed pores, making your skin appear smoother.


Commonly asked questions from customers


1. Can we sleep with the Comedone Essence?



2. How often can we do this?

Once a week


3. For Step 3, is the sticker like a mask? I place the sticker/mask on my face, and pour the remaining Step 2 solution over the sticker/mask?

YES! After the soaking 1 sachet in the warm water, open it up and apply it to the desired area before placing the peel-off on top.


4. For Step 2, I soak the solution pack inside warm water, then open the pack, spread the solution over my face.



5. For Step 2, is the solution supposed to be very sticky? Are we supposed to wash off Step 2 solution before applying the serum?

YES! You have to wash off the step 2 Comedone solution before applying the serum!



Overall, each product from the Comedone Set provides the following benefits:


(Step 1)

Comedone Tonic: Detox – Removes skin impurity


(Step 2 & 3)

Comedone Solution and Comedone Sebum Sticker – Help to remove black and white heads plus promote skin-tightening


(Step 4)

Comedone Essence – Offers skin firming and tightening effect for enhanced skin maintenance


With just 4 steps, you can certainly add this pampering and affordable facial treat that you can do at home as part of your beauty routine every week. This will help you to get ahead of those pesky clogged pores and keep comedones (and potential acne) at bay!


Get rid of blackheads and unclog your pores the right way so you maintain the complexion of your skin at home with our Comedone Set, retailing at just $138!