Are Your Favourite Fried Foods Causing Your Oily Skin?

Are Your Favourite Fried Foods Causing Your Oily Skin?

  • 06, May 2021

You might have heard that what you eat has an impact on your skin, not only your physical health. Greasy and oily foods like burgers, French fries and fried chicken are said to cause acne breakouts and oily skin.


But is that really true? Will your skin clear up once you cut out all the fried foods from your diet?


Fried foods cause bad skin: a myth



Watch what you eat – this is always the common advice given out. While it remains true and relevant for your health, the same can’t be said for your skin. There are some links between one’s diet and acne, but research showed that there has been no conclusive evidence on the relationship.


So the truth is, fried foods do not make an impact on your skin’s health – just your physical well-being if you’re trying to control your cholesterol levels, for instance.


Oily foods do not contribute to oily skin


The fat in your diet also has nothing to do with the sebum oil that gets produced on your skin. Instead, it is caused by overactive sebaceous glands which make some people naturally have more oily skin than others.


Your oily skin and acne breakouts have more to do with hormones and genetics. This is why your skin’s oil glands get overly stimulated to produce more oil. Excess sebum leads to shiny foreheads and noses, as well as clogged pores. Skin that is congested can easily result in breakouts and comedones, not the fried foods.


With that said, be sure to always practise good hygiene. Touching your face after eating those fried treats should be avoided. Oil particles and dirt can be transferred from your fingers to your pores, leaving them clogged together with bacteria and dead skin cells that will lead to a skin breakout.


Oil-control tips for your skin



Pimples and comedones are caused by clogged pores in the skin, and they often start with excess sebum in the skin. Once a blockage is created in the pore, bacteria on the skin can cause inflammation and worsen the breakout.


Work on controlling your skin’s oil production. Use a gentle cleanser day and night, and make sure it doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped or dry. Apply a lightweight moisturiser to restore hydration and prevent your skin from overproducing oils. Clay masks can be used once a week to absorb sebum and reduce skin shininess.


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