Bid Farewell To Clogged Pores: How You Can Prevent It

Bid Farewell To Clogged Pores: How You Can Prevent It

  • 17, Dec 2019

The human skin has millions of tiny pores to help the skin breathe, and release oil and sweat. Sometimes, the pores can get stuck with excess sebum, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria, which lead to skin issues like blackheads and acne. These can bring an overall dullness to your complexion and diminish the self-confidence in your appearance.


While oily skin types are more prone to developing congested pores, people with dry skin types can also experience clogged pores when there is dead skin build-up on the surface of the skin. In order to tackle clogged skin pores, prevention is always your best plan of attack to avoid breakouts and pimples.


We share a few pointers to help you prevent clogged pores and keep your skin in top condition.


Proper cleansing


This skin care step is essential, as it can make or break your efforts in keeping those pores clog-free. The type of cleanser that’s best for you depends on your skin type, but it should also avoid stripping your skin’s protective moisture barrier. This is to prevent moisture loss which can cause the skin to be overly oily or dry.


Cleanse your skin twice a day, especially before bedtime to wash away the day’s gunk and grime. You can also add in a toner to sweep away the leftover residue that might end up lodged in your pores. It should leave your complexion feeling clean and supple.


Your makeup routine


The cosmetic products you use play a big role as well. Choose makeup that fits your skin type best – people with oily or combination skin type should select makeup similar to the way they choose their skincare products. Look for non-comedogenic or oil-free labels – they are formulated without oils and other pore-clogging ingredients to work best with your skin.


Remember to remove your makeup thoroughly before bedtime! It can make a difference in your attempts to prevent clogged pores.


Watch what you eat


The pores in your skin also respond to hormones in the body. Many studies have shown a link between diet and acne, in which certain foods could cause flareups and worsen acne conditions. Foods such as white rice, white breads and pasta should be reduced as they have high glycemic index, which can lead to increased glucose and insulin levels. Higher levels of insulin can cause excess production of sebum, resulting in an oily complexion and acne breakouts.


Refined carbohydrates and sugary foods also promote inflammation in the skin, and leave you more prone to breakouts. A good way to prevent clogged pores from getting worse is to cut down on those foods and swap for low-glycemic alternatives and healthy proteins.


Treat yourself to facial masks


Facial masks are not reserved only for pampering your skin; they can also be beneficial in drawing the dirt and impurities out of your pores and keeping them clear. This can also help the rest of your skincare products to do their jobs effectively and penetrate deep into your skin.


Clay and charcoal face masks help to exfoliate the oil, impurities and debris that are clogging your pores and piling up on your skin’s surface. Clay and charcoal face masks help to draw out oil and sebum while removing impurities and debris piling up on your skin’s surface. There are also pore-clearing face masks that use chemical exfoliators, such as glycolic acid, to dissolve dead skin cells, preventing them from clogging the pores. Instead of doing it at home, you can turn to beauty professionals that offer facial packages so you can have them done regularly and professionally to achieve the most effective results.


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