Bumps On The Skin: Are They Acne Or Just Whiteheads

Bumps On The Skin: Are They Acne Or Just Whiteheads

  • 23, Mar 2021

We’re used to the pesky pimples that make their unwelcome appearance on the face – and it is always tempting to pop the zit and squeeze out the contents. But there are also bumps on the skin that are not necessarily pimples.


With whiteheads, you may find that they look and feel different. Usually, there is no swelling or inflammation, and they appear on the skin as white-coloured bumps. Known as closed comedones, find out what you can do to treat and prevent whiteheads.


First things first: what are whiteheads?


The pores on your face are small openings in the skin where sebum reach the surface to naturally moisturise the skin. Dead skin cells, excess sebum and bacteria can clog the pores and stay trapped inside. Since the pore opening is completely closed, hence the name “closed comedones”, the material inside forms a bump beneath the surface of the skin with a white or yellowish appearance.


The difference with blackheads is the comedone is open, which exposes the trapped sebum and dead skin cells to air. This causes an oxidised reaction, turning the substance to a brown or black colour.


Are whiteheads the same as pimples?


People might mistake all bumps for acne breakouts. While whiteheads don’t have the redness and pain that are associated with pimples, they can still turn into one if more build-up occur. This is especially the case if you try to pop whiteheads at home, which can spread bacteria into your pores and cause inflammation.


However, whiteheads are also caused by similar factors that result in pimples and acne. Excess oil production, humidity, hormonal changes, stress and pollution are just some of the causes that leave the pores prone to blockages with trapped impurities.


What can do you to prevent whiteheads?


Watch out for products that contain comedogenic ingredients. Certain alcohols, emollients, fatty acids and lanolins are more likely to clog your pores. You should also be using products that suit your skin type properly. For instance, avoid heavy moisturisers with thick, creamy texture if you have oily skin.


Without regular exfoliation, it can be harder for the skin to slough off dead skin cells. They stick together and will end up clogging the pores. What you can do is use exfoliants like Salicylic acid, which can dissolve the impurities inside the pore and slough off the skin cells, preventing closed comedones from forming.


How can you treat and remove whiteheads?


Make sure to add acne-fighting products to your skincare routine. Acids like BHA (beta hydroxy acid) work for different types of blemishes to remove pore-clogging debris, promote exfoliation and control the amount of oil produced.


If you’re not seeing any improvement for weeks after using topical products, try getting a whitehead extraction facial to remove the trapped sebum and smooth out your skin. Ensure you get it professionally done for the safest and best results in unclogging your pores, and avoid further breakouts or scarring.


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