Busting Common Cellulite Formation Myths

Busting Common Cellulite Formation Myths

  • 14, Jan 2020

Cellulite happens to many people - across all ages. However, despite so many having dealt with cellulite before - it doesn’t change the fact that myths will be the one thing that many are lacking assurance in.


However, there are still some women and even men out there who strongly believe in all the cellulite myths which have been circulating around.


Regardless of whether you are the former or the latter, it’s time you got your myths straightened out.


Cellulite only occurs in out-of-shape or older people


Putting on extra weight causes the appearance of cellulite to be more visible. The same goes for the fact that age does cause cellulite to accumulate.


However, it doesn’t change the fact that leaner and younger people can have cellulite too.


It all boils down to your connective tissue (fascia). Once there is a change, the fat cells become larger and push outwards into the connective tissue found under your skin. So, while age and size play a part in cellulite, those who are skinnier and younger in age can still get cellulite


Creams can permanently get rid of cellulite


Many believe that certain cosmetic and skin-firming creams can cure cellulite entirely. And that is, unfortunately, false.


While it makes the skin smoother and slim you down - the cream is just a temporary solution for minimising the appearance of cellulite and does not deal with it completely.


What you put on matters


Compression-style clothing does make you look fit and help in the flow of blood and lymph starting with the feet, calves, thighs and hips and go all the way to the heart. As a result, they do prevent one of the seven factors of cellulite - water retention


But wearing them regularly can cause an undesirable result - looser skin. And this is a huge contributing factor of cellulite.


Such garments may promote lymph or vein flow but they also limit the blood flow and cut off circulation, leading to poor nourishment of the tissues. In turn, resulting in a worsened appearance of cellulite.


Toxins are the cause of cellulite


Toxins may be one of the reasons for cellulite formation, but it is not the sole cause for it.


Many other aspects like poor circulation, genes, muscle tone, hormones, lack of exercise and excess fat can also cause the connective tissue to be weaker.


Cardio is the answer to beating cellulite


Cardio may help you to lose weight and lead to a reduction in cellulite - but it is not the ultimate solution.


Other exercises - specifically resistance and strength training - are just as effective. In fact, it has been said that this type of training is actually more beneficial as it strengthens the connective tissues.


It results in an improvement in the overall body composition, allowing you to slim down and attain the main goal - minimize the appearance of cellulite.


Men don’t have cellulite


It is true that women will tend to have more cellulite due to the fats surrounding their thighs and hips area, and lesser supportive connective tissues.


But, it doesn’t mean that men are not prone to cellulite formation.


Just like women, they are bound to have cellulite as well - just to a lesser degree.


Losing weight means losing cellulite


Weight loss does help in a reduction in cellulite formation and even preventing it from appearing.


However, it won’t make cellulite disappear completely.


Losing weight will only minimize the contents of the fat cells, but it doesn’t remove the fat cell itself. What you will have to do is consistently exercise and maintain a healthy weight to prevent the accumulation of cellulite in the future.


Myths surrounding cellulite have been spreading around for quite some time and believing in false information may only make your cellulite condition worse. It is only by understanding the truth of these myths that you will be able to reduce and prevent cellulite from appearing.


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