Bye Bye Blackheads: 4 Tips To Unclog Your Pores Effectively

Bye Bye Blackheads: 4 Tips To Unclog Your Pores Effectively

  • 17, Feb 2021

On a regular day, your skin is fighting with pollution, sweat, and pore-clogging makeup. Pores are tiny openings on your skin, whereby sebum produced by your body is brought up to your skin’s surface.


Keeping your pores squeaky clean can be a challenge, especially as excess oil builds up from dry skin, hormonal changes, dead skin cells, or dirt and oil becoming trapped beneath the surface. Bacteria can thrive in these clogged pores, leading to blackheads, whiteheads, and papules.


There are a few ways to unclog your pores so that your skin doesn’t feel congested, and the build-up of impurities won’t lead to inflammation and infection, which causes worse skin issues. Here are 4 simple ways you can start with!


1. Clay masks


While sheet masks hydrate your skin and lock moisture in; clay masks absorb excess oil to potentially clean out your pores. Aside from the popular charcoal masks, you can also try bentonite clay masks which have shown to be effective at absorbing oils.


This method of unclogging your pores can possibly strip your skin of essential moisture, so be sure to follow up with a moisturiser after washing off your mask.


2. AHA/BHA exfoliants


Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA) are well known for their exfoliating abilities. Glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids are all forms of AHA/BHAs that help to exfoliate and dissolve dead skin cells and debris from your pores – which minimises their appearance and prevents them from enlarging.


If possible, look for a product that combines an AHA like glycolic with a BHA like salicylic acid. Glycolic acid will exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the surface of your complexion, while salicylic acid will penetrate your pores deeply to clear them out.


Depending on your skin type, you should aim to exfoliate one to three times a week. If you have dry or sensitive skin, stick to once or twice weekly. If you’re on the oilier side, you can afford to bring this number up to three.


3. At-home facial


Another fantastic way to keep your pores clean is to have a simple weekly facial in the comfort of your home. Start by deep cleansing and exfoliating your skin, then follow up with products that are targeted at clearing your pores.


Let our Comedone Set achieve all of the above! This multi-product set works to unclog your pores and eliminate blackheads as well as dead skin cells so as to boost your skin’s clarity. Packed with beneficial ingredients such as purslane extract, collagen, bamboo charcoal, witch hazel, and lavender extract, the set works as an alternative to having facial extractions at home for fresh, clean skin!


4. Professional facial


A regular facial package can do wonders in cleaning out your pores and maintaining clear skin. A professional beautician can do manual extractions to physically remove debris from your pores, which not only reduces its appearance but also saves your skin from potential comedones. It’s important to leave this in the hands of professionals, as doing it wrongly by yourself can lead to more breakouts or even scarring.


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You’ll also get to enjoy a cold mist therapy and a metabolic face massage to further nourish your skin. Kick back and let our experienced beauticians pamper you with this effective facial that is sure to leave you with squeaky clean pores and refreshed skin!