How Exercising And Skin Health Are Related To Each Other

  • 17, Dec 2019

Mention exercising and people tend to only associate it with weight loss. But actually, doing regular exercise benefits the body in several ways. It does not only help lose weight, but it is also good for the heart, lungs and especially the skin.


Glowing and healthy-looking skin is an indication of having a healthy body. It tells you that that the body is functioning well and is receiving key supplements and nutrients you need in sufficient amounts. You might also realise your energy level receives an added boost and you may feel your mental health and mood levels improving as well.


Achieving healthy skin through exercise


Curious what happens when you exercise? During exercising, blood flow is increased in the body, which promotes better circulation. Improved blood circulation in the body helps transport oxygen alongside other fundamental supplements throughout the body. As such, waste products are flushed out of your system easily. When your circulatory system is working well, this helps to decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Aside from better body health, here are some positive effects that regular exercises can bring you.


  • Decrease stress


Feeling stressed? One way to ease your stress levels is through regular exercise. Being active can pump up your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins, and promote relaxation for your mind. Shed your tensions through physical activities – you can gain stress-busting benefits and remain calm in your daily tasks.


  • Reduce acne breakouts


By staying active, stress hormones are also reduced which helps to keep acne at bay. Stress can be a trigger for acne and worsen existing acne conditions. What happens is the stress hormones drive up the skin’s oil production and this excess sebum can cause pimples. Exercising also reduces inflammations, which lowers the likelihood of acne occurring. Together with facial packages and treatments, you have a better chance of reducing acne breakouts.


  • Improves skin health


When you’re sweating from exercising, your body is able to purge the toxins that can be pore-clogging and result in blemishes. Regular workouts also encourage the skin to produce more natural oils, so your complexion looks healthy and stays supple. Say hello to that post-workout glow!


  • Tones muscles


The more toned muscles you have, your skin will feel and look healthier. With increased muscle tone, you will gain firmer-appearing skin and a fit look. Exercising can also boost the effects of your anti cellulite massage – toning your muscles can help in minimising the appearance of cellulite.




Your workout may be tough and tiring, but regular exercising helps to improve your overall health and benefit your skin significantly. If you’re looking to shed the extra weight, you can complement your efforts in exercising with an effective slimming treatment to achieve your desired figure. With the help of professionals, you’ll get a slimming package that will be customised to your individual needs to achieve the best results.