How To Achieve Healthy And Glowing Skin: 7 Vital Skincare Tips

How To Achieve Healthy And Glowing Skin: 7 Vital Skincare Tips

  • 13, Jan 2020

Getting that skin complexion that you have always desired is possible. And that does not involve investing in heaps of skincare products for a hefty price.


Just like keeping yourself fit and healthy by exercising regularly, keeping track of your diet and other crucial steps - it’s all about sticking to the basics with skincare health as well.


Below, you will find a couple of skincare tips you should add into your daily lifestyle for the glowing skin you have always been seeking.


1. Stick to a skincare routine


Doing a skincare routine consistently will allow your skin to receive the nourishment that it needs to have a clear and healthy complexion. Basically, this means you must cleanse, exfoliate your skin and so on.


There is no fixed skincare routine as it all lies in your hands. So, devoting your time to researching and experimenting is absolutely necessary.


However, it does not just mean you simply follow the basic steps of a skincare routine - you have to be aware of your skin type.


A particular skin type will require certain products, so keep that in mind as you are on the search for them. More importantly, you should get advice from a skincare professional, so you know what to get exactly.


2. Apply sunscreen regularly


Putting on sunscreen is like having a layer of ‘protection’ atop of your skin.


Without this layer in place, sun exposure can lead to several issues like wrinkles, age spots and darken your hyperpigmentation. In the `worst-case scenario, long periods of sun exposure can even cause skin cancer.


So, aside from looking for a broad-spectrum sunscreen, you should also seek shade whenever you can to defend yourself against the piercing UVA and UVB rays.


3. Manage stress


Stress does not just take a toll on your body, but it affects your overall health which includes your skin health.


It is commonly known that stress leads to acne breakouts and chronic stress will speed up cellular ageing, causing wrinkles to form. While skincare products and treatments can help with your skin’s condition, ultimately taking care of yourself mentally is just as important.


If you want to have radiant skin, you will need to start putting effort into your mental health.


4. Follow a healthy diet


Diet plays a major part in your skincare because whatever you eat can affect your skin complexion.


Consuming certain types of food can clog your pores, cause acne breakouts, age your skin or make it look puffy. So, if you don’t keep track of what you eat, you might suffer from these consequences.


Rather than consume food bad for you, you should keep to a well-balanced diet - adding healthy foods rich in Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and iron. Different nutrients provide different benefits, so you have to do your part by finding out which will do good for your skin.


5. Get sufficient sleep


Stress and insufficient sleep are linked with one another. Without proper sleep, you don’t only look worn out but the lower circulation will result in pale and washed out skin.


Moreover, the cellular renewal works best at night while you are working and resting up.


During this period, it is the best time for you to use your skincare products and moisturise your face for smooth and glowing skin. We recommend getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep.


6. Avoid or reduce smoking and alcohol


Some habits are hard to kick, but in this case, this habit might be the leading reason for all your skin troubles.


Smoking can irritate your skin and deprive it of nutrients and oxygen, whereas alcohol takes away your essential nutrients and makes your skin dry out quickly.


While some habits are hard to quit, you should begin to moderate your intake of smoking and drinking. It may be tough, but the improvement in your skin you will see afterwards is fulfilling.


7. Facial wash to rejuvenate your skin


Every now and then, take the time to book an appointment for a facial treatment to improve your skin health and keep your skin condition in check.


From detoxifying your skin, exfoliating dead skin cells to expelling toxins - a facial wash helps to renew your skin. Be sure to opt for a complete facial package - ensuring that you are tackling any skin problems you are facing and boosting your complexion.


Our Auras Oxy Facial uses a state-of-the-art method to infuse highly concentrated oxygen molecules into the epidermis - along with other products comprising many health-boosting ingredients like vitamins, botanical extracts, nutrients and minerals.


Adonis is currently having a facial promotion at $48 for first-time customers. So, come on down to our beauty salon for a facial wash and achieve the radiant skin you have always wished for.


These are just but a few of many skincare tips to follow. Use them as a head-start and you are one step closer to achieving the healthy glow on your skin.