How To Exfoliate The Right Way According To Your Skin Type

How To Exfoliate The Right Way According To Your Skin Type

  • 09, Feb 2021

You might have heard how crucial exfoliating is in your skincare regime. Not only does it promote blood circulation and boost collagen production, this step also allows your serums and moisturisers to deeply penetrate your skin for maximum benefit.


Without regular exfoliation, you may find that your complexion appears dull, flaky, rough, and breakout-prone. But as important as it is, exfoliation isn’t a one size fits all matter. If you aren’t using the right exfoliation method for your skin type, you could be doing more harm than good.


To prevent your oily skin from becoming oilier, or your dry skin becoming drier, be sure to follow these guidelines for exfoliating correctly according to your skin type.


Sensitive skin


Even sensitive skin needs to be exfoliated regularly – just be sure that you don’t exceed doing it once or twice a week. Since sensitive skin can easily become irritated and red, look for a chemical exfoliant that is gentle on the skin, such as lactic acid.


Lactic acid is a mild chemical exfoliant that not only gently exfoliates your skin but soothes and provides much-needed hydration as well. It’s known to be less irritating than other chemical exfoliants, making it a fantastic option for those with sensitive skin.


If your skin is sensitive, avoid using physical exfoliants, as they may be too harsh and irritate your skin further. After exfoliating, be sure to apply a soothing, hydrating serum or moisturiser.


Oily skin


It’s especially important for those with oily skin to exfoliate regularly, as it can help to remove excess oil and prevent blackheads, clogged pores, and pimples from forming. People with oily skin can afford to exfoliate more than those with any other skin type – and many tend to do so three times a week.


Salicylic acid is a fantastic chemical exfoliant for oily skin, with the ability to combat acne and breakouts. As oily skin can have an extra buildup of dead skin cells, you may also benefit from using a physical exfoliant, such as a cleansing brush.


However, be careful not to overdo it when it comes to exfoliating ingredients. Like any other skin type, oily skin can also become irritated and red from using too much of an exfoliant.


Dry skin


Exfoliation is a key step for dry skin – not doing so can make your skin flaky and appear dull. Like sensitive skin, dry skin is more fragile, so ditch the physical scrubs and use gentle chemical exfoliants instead!


Give your skin a healthy glow with our Peel that effectively exfoliates both your face and body. Infused with marine seawater, it contains skin-healing minerals to provide gentle exfoliation while renewing your skin’s vibrancy. It also has other beneficial ingredients such as Alpha-Arbutin to refine your pores, Atelocollagen to encourage healthy skin cell turnover, and Licorice Root Extract to brighten a dull complexion.


Normal or combination skin


Normal or combination skin can be drier in some areas and oilier in others. As such, you have the choice to use either physical or chemical exfoliants.


This skin type is able to handle different types of exfoliating acids such as salicylic or glycolic acid. If not, you can opt for a cleansing brush or device to exfoliate your skin and give it a deep cleanse. If you find that your T-zone gets oilier than the rest of your face, you can apply a stronger product in those areas or exfoliate them more frequently.


Regardless, you still don’t want to go overboard with your exfoliating products. Follow up your exfoliating step with a hydrating serum or one that treats a specific skincare concern such as wrinkles or pigmentation.




Rejuvenate your complexion and reap the benefits of regular exfoliation when you do it the right way for your skin type. Exfoliating is the first step to helping you achieve a clearer skin as you get rid of the buildup of dead skin cells, unclog pores and keep breakouts at bay!


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