Recurring Blackheads: Why They Appear And How To Control It

Recurring Blackheads: Why They Appear And How To Control It

  • 31, Mar 2021

No matter how many times you wash, exfoliate or extract – that dreaded blackhead is back again on your face. Sometimes, it’s common to have a blackhead pop up in the same spot. But why does this happen? And is there anything you can do about it? Let’s explore more below.


How do blackheads form?


These pesky spots pop up on your face when a hair follicle is clogged with dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria. Sebum is the waxy, oily substance produced to protect and hydrate the skin.


Combined with accumulated dead skin cells, the pores can become much narrower which disrupts the flow of sebum. This means the oil cannot be secreted naturally. In open pores, the mixture of sebum and dead skin cells can reach the skin’s surface. Through oxidisation, the sebum turns black – hence, the name “blackheads”.


How often do blackheads appear?


It can differ from one person to the other. That’s because the frequency at which they form on your skin is based on a few factors, such as genetics – which affects how much sebum the skin naturally produces and how thick it is. Excess oil production can also be caused by hormonal changes, mostly responsible for the “period pimples”.


There are also lifestyle factors and habits, like smoking and not washing your bedsheets frequently, that can leave your skin more vulnerable to clogged pores. Diet, medication, health conditions and the ingredients in your skincare products may also increase the production of oily sebum – thus, higher chances of blackheads forming.


Why are your blackheads coming back?


When you have blackheads, the pore gets stretched by the debris – and it will remain dilated even after the hardened plug is removed. This makes the pore more vulnerable to gunk filling it back up, causing a seemingly endless cycle of chronic blackheads.


Plus, your skin is constantly creating sebum which explains why your pores can be prone to blockages. They can also form repeatedly in the same place. Certain areas of your face tend to be oiler, so don’t be surprised if you’re constantly facing clogged pores and blackheads on your T-zone.


What happens if you leave your blackheads alone?


Yes, squeezing a blackhead is not a good idea. It’s an infection waiting to happen. This can not only cause acne and inflamed pimples in the short-term, but also significant scarring over time.


If left alone, your body can naturally get rid of blackheads – especially if you’re already using exfoliating skincare products that can help to clear the pore blockage. But for the most part, it depends on your genetics.


With that said, blackheads can also turn into inflammatory acne if left untreated, due to the build-up of oil and bacteria. This is where you turn to professional blackhead extraction facials for an effective and safe removal. It’s important not to DIY since aestheticians are in a better position to determine how deep your blackhead is and how to prep your skin properly for extraction.


How do you control your blackheads?


Prevention is the best cure, but you can also use the same steps to manage and control your blackheads.


1. Use a mild, water-soluble cleanser to remove make up and wash your face twice a day.

2. Follow up with a well-formulated BHA exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and clear out impurities deep in the pores.

3. Keep your skin balanced with a suitable moisturiser to prevent excess sebum production.

4. Use occasional treatments like clay masks to draw out excess oil and purify the hair follicle. Mineral-based clays, like bentonite and kaolin, will refine your skin and normalise sebum secretions.


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