Relieve Your Body Aches: 4 Tips To Reduce Muscle Tension

Relieve Your Body Aches: 4 Tips To Reduce Muscle Tension

  • 05, Jan 2021

Muscle tension is a result of prolonged muscle contraction and occurs in any area of your body, especially common in your back, shoulders and neck. The prominent symptoms of muscle tension are achy and stiff muscles in the top half of your body. Over time, muscle tension can result in extreme discomfort.


When stress levels are high, our body’s nerves activate our muscles to tighten and increase their tone, going into ‘protection mode’. This will cause tense muscles in the neck and shoulder areas. Physical stress can also be another cause, brought by poor posture and singular repetitive movements. Fortunately, here are 4 tips you can take to reduce those aches and relieve muscle tension.


1. Relax and unwind


Relaxation can significantly reduce stress, probably the most common cause of muscle tension. In this bustling country, you’ll undoubtedly be faced with stress and pressure often, but it’s vital to make time to do the things you like to help you relax.


There’s no right answer when it comes to relaxation, and it all depends on the individual. Some examples of relaxation methods include meditation and mindfulness techniques, reading or outdoor activities – so find something that’ll help you lower your stress level!


2. Try yoga


Probably the oldest form of muscle tension management, yoga utilises techniques to stretch, lengthen and relax your muscles, addressing both the stress and physical aspects of muscle tension. Regular yoga practice can greatly help individuals tackle stress with much more strength and optimism.


On top of that, you can also do some light stretches every morning as it helps to relieve existing tension, lowering your risk to future muscle tension. Stretching daily will definitely provide benefits regardless of what you have planned for the day.


3. Apply heat


When you apply heat to your tense muscles, you’re promoting circulation and blood flow, which in turn, reduces pain as your muscles relax. There are various ways you can apply heat to these tense muscles, and one of the best ways is to take a hot bath.


For decades, many have turned to hot baths to soothe muscle tension as hot water helps your muscle fibres to loosen up and relax, relieving muscle tension. Hot baths are also calming to your nervous system, and you can add healing substances like Epsom salts or essential oils to help soothe any muscle tension and promote relaxation.


4. Get a massage


Massage therapy is one of the most recognised remedies for relieving muscle tension. A good massage places emphasis on the most affected areas and works out your tense muscles directly, assisting your muscle in releasing its contraction. This will help in easing muscle tension.


For a rejuvenating and refreshing experience, our 45-minute Ache Relief Therapy will do just the trick. The signature Homeo Trilogy method we’ve adopted is proven to soothe muscle tension in your targeted area of concern via heat infusion. This will also enhance your body’s metabolism in getting rid of waste and fluid retention – you’ll feel the difference in just a single session!




The areas commonly affected by stress are the neck and shoulder muscles. Consider these tips above to seek a quick relief and relax your muscles. You can also include pampering activities to de-stress and put yourself at ease – book yourself an affordable facial session with Adonis for a relaxing time!


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