The Difference Between Hydrated And Moistured Skin

The Difference Between Hydrated And Moistured Skin

  • 17, Nov 2021

If you experience dry skin from time to time, despite your best efforts to follow a strict skincare routine, it’s probably because your skin is dehydrated or not getting enough moisture. You often see brands pushing endless products that promise healthy, smooth, and radiant skin, leaving you utterly puzzled about which products to buy, no matter where you are.


You will probably look to beauty commercials and advertisements, where marketers promote their product’s benefits of hydration and moisturisation. Since both involve water, we may mistake these two terms as the same.


While advertisers may use them interchangeably in promotions, there’s a considerable difference between them. Combining the two can help keep your skin healthy, and you need both to maintain beautiful, soft skin. It’s essential to understand these two terms fully, so read on to find out the difference between hydrated and moisturised skin.





Dehydrated skin lacks water and needs to be hydrated by using hydrated products. Unlike dry skin, which is a skin type and is inborn, dehydrated skin is something that anyone can get. Dehydration of skin is usually caused by external elements such as weather, unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices.


These factors can cause your skin’s water content to deplete and result in a less supple appearance. Skin dehydration can cause symptoms such as dark circles, sunken eyes, increased appearance of fine lines and surface wrinkles.


What ingredients can hydrate skin?


For dehydrated skin, you need to use products that say “hydrating.” Your skin can become dehydrated due to a variety of factors, including the products you use, poor sleeping schedule, stress, and an unbalanced diet. Dehydrated skin can be sensitive and can look flaky and dull. Also, you may experience a combination of oily and dry areas that never seem to be fully-hydrated no matter how many products you used.


Feeling dry in some parts of your skin could be because when the skin becomes dehydrated, it produces more oil to make up for the water loss, leading to breakouts. If you have dehydrated skin, it’s best to use products that contain ingredients with hydrating molecules that help absorb water.




Moisturising products are effective against dry skin. Dry skin occurs when your skin lacks the capacity to produce enough amount of oil while being prone to transepidermal water loss, which is the evaporation of water from the skin. The inefficient amount of oil and water leaves your skin without enough nourishment to keep it moisturised, making it appear dull, itchy, and peeling.


The best way to battle dry skin is by using products that contain “ingredients that serve as moisturising agents, like glycerin or ceramides.” For dry skin, Meteor Peel would provide the right amount of moisture your skin needs, while still being gentle enough for sensitive skin. This product’s unique formula is specially designed for skin renewal by helping in brightening your dull skin, get rid of dead skin cells, and exfoliate the skin.


What’s the difference?


If you ever feel that your skin looks like it’s asking you to quench its thirst, then that’s what hydration and moisturisers are for. They both work to fight off dryness and dehydration to help you achieve soft and young skin.


If you have dry skin, that means your skin lacks oil and need to be moisturised. If you have dehydrated skin, that means your skin does not have a sufficient amount of water and it needs to be hydrated.


Final Thoughts


When it comes to treating your skin with products, it’s wise to use powerful products to help you get through the different periods by keeping your skin moisture level. If you are looking for the best product to use at such an affordable price, our Meteor Peel is only $78 and it comes with free Auras Facial worth $180!


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