Thirsty Skin? How Dehydration Can Cause Premature Aging

Thirsty Skin? How Dehydration Can Cause Premature Aging

  • 18, Dec 2019

The skin is human’s largest body organ, which must be well taken care of to reflect a healthy state. We know how vital water is to your body; it is also crucial for the skin to be hydrated enough to strengthen and repair its barrier functions. Too much water loss and inadequate water supply to the body causes dehydration and affects the skin to be more itchy, sensitive, dull-looking and display accelerated signs of ageing.


Let us take a look further on how dehydration might lead to premature ageing.


How dehydration causes premature skin ageing


The skin is bound to lose water every day. That happens through sweating, urinating and other external factors such as weather, diet and lifestyle choices. With that in mind, it is imperative to replenish the loss of water regularly throughout the day. Failure to do so can cause your skin to start getting dehydrated. This incrementally turns your skin dry, flaky and sensitive. Thereafter, the skin will also begin to lose its tightness and elasticity, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. It also happens due to the natural moisturizing factor that prevents premature skin ageing.


The natural moisturizing factor is found in the outmost skin layer. It binds with water and helps to retain water in the skin. Therefore, hydration of the skin depends on the health of the natural moisturizing factor and when that is compromised, the skin starts to show signs of ageing.


Signs and symptoms of dehydrated skin


Understanding the symptoms of dehydrated skin goes a long way in curbing the problem before it gets out of hand. Below are the common signs you should be on the lookout for:


- Dry and itchy skin: Skin may feel rough and easily irritated, and even experience a feeling of tightness.


- Fine lines and wrinkles: Dehydration causes the skin to appear thinner and dryer, which takes on a crepe-like appearance. With the inability to hold onto moisture, the skin is also unable to maintain to stay plump and “bounce back”, resulting in a saggy-looking skin.


- Dull skin: Dehydration alters the skin’s ability to perform essential activities such as cell turnover. Dead cells accumulate on the skin’s surface since they are not removed properly, giving the appearance of a dull and tired complexion.


- Prone to breakouts: Your skin overproduces oil to make up for the lack of hydration. This becomes a breeding ground for acne as overproduction of oils can clog the pores, along with dead skin cells and other impurities, and cause breakouts.


How to fix a dehydrated skin


Get your dehydrated skin back into good shape through with these tips below:


- Increase water uptake: Treat your skin from the inside too. It is advisable to consume at least 1.5 liters of water a day to replenish the skin and maintain your moisture barrier.


- Quench your skin’s thirst: Keep your skin soft and supple by using hydrating and moisturizing products. Essences, serums and moisturizers with the right beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, squalene and ceramides help to boost the skin’s moisture levels and slow down water loss.


- Exfoliate: Exfoliating is beneficial to remove the buildup of dead skin layers, which can block moisturizer absorption and clog pores. Take note to only do it once a week as exfoliating too often can compromise your natural skin barrier and cause further dehydration.


- Lower your shower temperature: Showering under hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils and dry out your skin, leading to dry and itchy skin.


- Reduce or avoid alcohol consumption: Alcohol hinders the hormone vasopressin, which is essential to prevent loss of water and help the kidneys reabsorb water into the body.


- Facial treatments: Boost your efforts in maintaining the health of your skin with facial treatments. Choose facial packages that are customized for you so they can help to address your specific skin concerns on a regular basis for optimal results.


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