Why Certain Skincare Products Are Causing You More Breakouts

Why Certain Skincare Products Are Causing You More Breakouts

  • 15, Apr 2021

Trying to deal with acne breakouts and oily skin is challenging enough, but the warm and humid weather in Singapore significantly makes the problem worse. The tropical climate can wreak havoc on your skin, making oily skin even oilier and dry skin even drier.

The increased humidity also leads to more sweating, hence the build-up of bacteria and clogged skin pores. In a bid to improve your complexion, you might resort to an arsenal of products for a quick fix. But what if your skin is reacting negatively?


If you’re wondering why you are facing more breakouts and skin dryness, here are some reasons that explain why the skincare product isn’t working for you.


1. Poor formulations


It is possible that the product was poorly formulated with ingredients that may be harsh, drying or skin-aggravating – and the negative reaction was a result of the disruption in the skin’s microbiome.


Fragrances or fragrant plant extracts can be found in many products, and people with sensitive skin or compromised skin barrier can react strongly to them, such as rashes, redness and dryness. It’s best to switch to mild, hypoallergenic products as your skin heals.


2. Unsuitable for your skin type


Breakouts can occur in response to using the wrong products, especially for acne-prone skin. For instance, emollients can be too rich and pore-clogging for oily skin, causing more blackheads to show up. Instead, choose a water-based, non-comodogenic moisturiser to help your skin retain moisture levels without clogging the pores.


Acne-fighting products are usually acid-based and have oil-absorbing properties, which can also exacerbate an existing skin condition. When the skin’s acid mantle is stripped, you might experience dry, flakey skin or even see an increase in oil sebum production.


3. More might not always mean better


Sometimes, when you’re dealing with persistent skin issues (no thanks to the sunny weather!), you might think that using more must be better – or produce faster results. So you start using three types of exfoliants at the same time, a vitamin C serum next, followed by a retinol moisturiser cream.


It won’t be long till you see your skin looking rough with bumps, since applying all those products at one go is overkill! They can still have a place in your skincare routine – but they should be alternated between day and night, or on alternate days. Using one acid-based product is usually enough, and take the time to test a higher strength of each ingredient for suitability.


Care for your skin with trusted products


A hot and humid climate can be a recipe for breakouts, especially if you have acne-prone skin. But certain skincare products that are formulated to target acne and get rid of blackheads may end up being too harsh and aggravating on the skin, resulting in more comedones, dryness and redness.


At Adonis, we understand the importance in effective skin products that can treat skin woes without causing more issues. Our Oxy Clear Essence Set is specially formulated to perform well in Singapore’s tropical climate, targeting your whiteheads and blackheads without drying out your skin.


By working to regulate your sebum production, this helps to control oily and congested skin. It also penetrates skin-deep to dissolve hardened sebum oils and clear out your pores, while still balancing your complexion.


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