Why Do You Have Blackheads Appearing On Your Nose?

Why Do You Have Blackheads Appearing On Your Nose?

  • 12, May 2021

Your skin has its good days, but sometimes there are bad days that are enough to cause you annoyance. Those tiny dark dots that are covering your nose is keeping your skin from looking clear and healthy.


That’s right, we’re talking about blackheads. It can be tempting to pick and squeeze each one, but you may risk experiencing redness, inflammation and skin that is prone to infection. To help you understand more about this skin blemish, let’s explore why they appear commonly on the nose area and what you can do about it.


Why do I get blackheads on my nose?


Known as a type of non-inflammatory acne, it occurs when the pores become clogged with excess sebum. When it accumulates with dead skin cells and bacteria, the blockage results in a plug inside the pore. If the pore is open, the plug gets exposed to air, turning black due to oxidisation.


While blackheads can occur anywhere on the face and even on your back, they are most likely to appear in areas where sebaceous glands are aplenty. This makes the nose a prime spot for blackheads to pop up. Here, the pores have a much higher chance at becoming congested as compared to other areas like the temple or near the lips.


Fight blackheads before they even appear



Prevention is always easier than treatment – and this revolves around a good skincare routine with effective cleansing and moisturising. No matter your skin type, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face at morning and night time. If you’ve just finished a workout, use facial wipes to quickly get rid of the sweat and grime.


Moisturising is key in battling oily skin, because the glands may end up producing more oil than normal due to dehydration. Look for oil-free and noncomedogenic ingredients that won’t feel too heavy, greasy and more importantly, clog the pores on your nose.


Clear clogged pores


If you’re already suffering from clogged pores, you need a targeted blackhead removal treatment that will help to break down the excess sebum and dissolve existing blackheads on the nose.


And chemical exfoliators are great for doing just that! Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) like Salicylic acid have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and they work to clear excess sebum in the pores. This helps to prevent congestion and clear up blackheads. If your skin is sensitive, limit the application to your nose area only.


Beat those pesky blackheads with our Adonis Oxy Clear Essence Set! This product is specially formulated to control oily and congested skin by penetrating the pores and dissolving hardened sebum oils. It also works well in Singapore’s humid and hot climate, which can easily cause build-up in the pores to occur.


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Practise good skin hygiene

Of course, you’ll also need to take proactive steps in keeping your skin clean and clear of bacteria. Avoid touching your face and nose excessively, or squeezing any breakouts, as this can introduce more bacteria and debris into your skin.


Change your pillowcases every several nights, sanitise your phone regularly, and disinfect your makeup brushes frequently. Sleeping in makeup is always a huge no-no; be sure to remove it thoroughly before bedtime. The build-up of oil and bacteria can wreak havoc on your skin.


Facial extractions


Blackheads can definitely be a nuisance, especially when they are hard to get rid of. If you’re still worried about them, extraction facials are helpful in clearing those blemishes safely and effectively. It’s important to get this done with a professional so you won’t risk any infections or scarring later on.


Our blackhead extraction facial will deal with any skin congestion and bumps to leave you with clear pores and smoother skin. Clearing these impurities early can also help to prevent new bumps from forming! At Adonis, we offer a range of facial treatments to address your skin concerns – get in touch with us to book a session!