Why Oxygen Facials Should Be Your Next Must-Try Facial

Why Oxygen Facials Should Be Your Next Must-Try Facial

  • 18, Aug 2020

We already know how crucial oxygen is to our body and skin – and we literally cannot survive without oxygen. However, needing oxygen goes beyond just us breathing in the surrounding air; we also have to maintain the oxygen levels in our skin cells.


Toxins and pollutants exist in the air around us. Combined this fact with the natural ageing process, both factors can reduce oxygen levels in the skin to make our complexion appear dull and dry. Fortunately, there are oxygen facial treatments that can help supply and infuse the skin with oxygen for a plump and radiant skin.


What is an oxygen facial?


An oxygen facial is a non-invasive treatment that applies pure, pressurised oxygen onto the skin to quickly resuscitate devitalised complexions. It brings a host of benefits such as improved skin tone and texture, and reduced appearance of fine lines.


With its radiance-boosting effects, you can look forward to enlivening your visage.


How you can benefit from oxygen facials?


Oxygen has a great impact in the body’s repair processes – it can help to diminish inflammation, stimulate synthesis of collagen and increase bacterial defence – which are vital to skin health.


With oxygen facials, deprived skin cells can get a boost in oxygen levels to produce a number of benefits.


  • Hydrates the skin


As the facial provides oxygen to your cells, it also helps to hydrate the skin at the deepest levels. This can assist with dehydrated skin types or extreme skin dryness. The skin will look fresh, plump, and glows from within.


  • Reduce signs of ageing


Oxygen reaches our cells via the blood circulation system. When oxygen is applied externally to boost this process of oxygenation, the theory is that the cells can be fully oxygenated as well to improve blood circulation to the face.


Collagen production is also stimulated to lighten the appearance of expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles. At the same times, it makes the skin more elastic and firmer.


  • Treat a number of skin issues


Oxygen facials can help to detoxify the skin and eliminate the build-up of toxins caused by environmental pollutants. These are also responsible for dull skin and acne breakouts. Plus, the facial promotes soothing and cooling effects to calm the skin and reduce redness.


Infusing the skin with oxygen also improves cell turnover rates. New cells can be produced faster with improved cell regeneration which helps in treating and lightening acne scars.


How is the oxygen facial carried out?


At Adonis, our Auras Oxy Facial delivers highly concentrated oxygen molecules into the skin’s epidermis layer.


Our professional aestheticians will start by applying our soft milk cleanser over your face, neck and décolletage area to remove any dirt or cleanse your makeup off effectively.


After this deep cleansing step, the cold mist therapy will be introduced to your skin to help soften the comedones and prep for the extraction step. This helps to effectively clear the clogged pores with excess sebum and dead skin cells.


The mist device will also blast a cocktail of minerals, vitamins, botanical extracts, and essential nutrients into your skin for added nourishment.


After extraction, the soothing step comes next to calm down the redness and prevent any skin sensitivity. A comforting metabolic facial massage will be performed using our Signature Auras Oil or a Vitamins ampoule to promote skin detoxification. Finally, you can enjoy a personalised mask to instantly energise and brighten the skin.


Boost the oxygen levels in your skin


Our Auras Oxy Facial ensures that your skin is plumped up with oxygen for its benefits including boosting blood circulation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and improving saggy and lack-lustre complexion. This deep cleansing facial will also clear congested pores to prevent more breakouts and keep the skin hydrated with the infused serum.


With no downtime involved, this facial can be suited as a pick-me-up for special occasions or to help maintain a healthy, glowing visage. New customers can enjoy our promotional facial package at just $480 (after 7% GST) for 8 sessions!