You Are What You Eat: Clean Up Your Diet To Clear Your Skin

You Are What You Eat: Clean Up Your Diet To Clear Your Skin

  • 11, Aug 2021

Having healthy, glowing skin is a dream many of us would like to have when we see ourselves in the mirror. Sadly, many of us come face to face with common skin issues such as acne, large pores, and blackheads. Sure, going for an oxygen facial is one way to do the trick, but we should also be mindful of our diet if we want to maintain our results for as long as possible.


There’s a reason why they say: “You are what you eat”. Here are some tips on how you can improve your diet to clear up your complexion.


Cut back on sugar


Reducing sugar intake is known to reverse prediabetic symptoms, but do you know it also translates to fewer breakouts? Consuming foods high in sugar would spike our insulin levels, stimulating the production of androgens such as testosterone which will encourage the production of sebum. This effect is made worse if the food has a higher glycaemic index (GI).


Diets that have high GI include refined grains, added sugar, sugary beverages, and alcohol. Just like all other foods, we should eat sugary foods in moderation. If you find yourself consistently reaching for a chocolate bar, it may be part of the reason why pimples refuse to go away.


Avoid milk and dairy




Even though seemingly innocent, milk and dairy are another food group known to cause acne breakouts. Milk and dairy contain casein, which promotes the hormone IGF-1 that can interact with adrenal glands and affect acne inducing hormones. The whey that is found in milk and protein powder has also been shown in studies to cause acne and breakouts.


Cutting dairy and milk is not an easy endeavour, especially if they are your primary protein sources. However, with so many alternatives, you don’t have to give up dairy completely. Instead, go for non-dairy options such as oat milk or almond milk. These options do not contain the whey and casein that is found in skim or dairy milk. In fact, soy milk contains isoflavones that help promote healthy skin and improve skin elasticity!


Replenish your gut bacteria


The health of your gut will show on the surface and is key to looking good even without makeup. Gut bacteria such as probiotics and prebiotics are essential to your diet to maintain a healthy digestive system.


Probiotics found in yoghurt, kombucha, and sauerkraut can reduce gut inflammation and keep digestion smooth. Prebiotics are mainly found in asparagus, garlic and leeks that can feed the healthy flora in your gut. Together, these two compounds help maintain a healthy balance of the microbiome in your digestive system and ensure it runs smoothly. Proper digestion would lead to adequate absorption of nutrients by your body, providing your body with the necessities to look good and feel good!


Eat plenty of leafy greens



This rule goes without saying, but eating your vegetables is probably the best thing you could do for your skin and your body. Greens such as kale and spinach contain antioxidants that are essential for the growth of healthy skin cells.


They also contain a chock full of vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A helps with dry skin, vitamin C works against the sun's damage to collagen and vitamin E combats ageing. In short: all your most pressing skin conditions are solved by not skimping on your veggies. Leafy vegetables also contain folate, which helps with cell regeneration and DNA repair. 


Final thoughts


Achieving a healthy complexion takes both time and effort, but if you can commit to a healthy diet, you should see yourself glowing from the inside out in no time.


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