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If you have the passion for beauty, Adonis is where you should be!

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  • It is a satisfaction to know my customers trusted my recommendation

    and love the products & services as much as I do.

    - Pearlyn Pok, Adonis Consultant over 10 years -

  • I was appreciated and recognized for my effort through the years

    since I joined Adonis. Everyone is like a family to me.

    - Alice Ng, Adonis Beautician over 8 years -

  • My colleagues are very helpful and my manager is very patient in grooming

    me when I first join Adonis.

    - Joey Yong, Adonis Beautician over 8 years -

  • I feel really happy when my customer compliments me for my facial technique and

    occasionally thought of us and get us food worrying that we are too busy to buy it.

    - Daphne Yue, Adonis Beautician over 8 years -

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