Combat skin dryness with oil

Oil. Insufficient oil causes dryness to your skin! The skin produces and requires oil for moisture, elasticity and functioning.
Different skin type produces different amount of oil to protect the skin. However, oil production can be affected by certain habits!

Usage of harsh cleanser

Using a soap bar directly on the face instead of a face wash can be a little harsh on the skin. Thus causing the drying effect on the skin instead!


Regular exfoliation is great for the skin as it removes dead skin to make way for natural glow, however excessive exfoliation is not only be harmful for the skin but also removes the protection layer on the skin surface. The protection layer is mainly water and oil produce underneath the skin to prevent against sensitivity and dryness.

Using too many products for acne can strip necessary oil too!

Products for acne are normally menthol based, when applied, it dries the area to prevent more sebum production to prevent or cure the acne. But with overdose of oil absorbing product removes the necessary oil for the skin!

Now, here is the vicious cycle when your skin lacks oil!

The skin becomes sensitive and, in that state, breakouts, irritation, blotchiness, all kinds of things can happen. Over time, a lack of natural oil can compromise your skin’s natural barrier to defend against further water hydration loss.  (Do you see the cycle now?)

Just a few drops of an origin oil can help you get the edge on dry skin, stay ahead of dehydration, and keeping the skin calm!

The best time to apply origin oil: Right after shower! After a steamy shower although your skin is now cleansed from impurities, your pores are open and vulnerable to bacteria and dryness, this is the best time to apply the oil to keep the protective barrier up!
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Author: Faye.K
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