Not all dreams will come true.

(Story contributed by Celine Chen)

Disclaimer: All images used in this article are from stock images.  The name has been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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“Ever since meeting my boyfriend, my belly got bigger every passing month.

He likes curvier girls and he will make sure for us to have supper together every night without fail. He insisted that I looked beautiful BIGGER.

He will keep filling my plates with tons of food and also a dessert after every meal.

If I tried to stopped him, he would get angry at me.

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I stopped buying nice clothes and my wardrobe were filled with all oversized tee and stretchable pants as those were the only outfits that I can wear as my belly grew a few more inches over time.

All my friends mocked me for how much I’ve grown physically. I stopped going out with them to shop as the places they patronize do not carry the size that fits me. Eventually, I stopped contacting them.

This affected me mentally. My mood fluctuated and my then boyfriend who wasn’t ready for the mood swings left. I’ve never thought this would ever happen. Now, I lost both my partner and my friends. This was devastating and I decided to get back in shape and find my way again in life.

I have been losing weight around my arms and thighs but not at my belly. It just doesn’t seem to shrink no matter how hard I try.”

It is common for women to do whatever it takes to satisfy their partner’s desires in a relationship, no matter how damaging it can potentially be to their health. Tammy is definitely not the only woman got roped into this misery.

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Her mental breakdown is not just because of her getting mocked at, it is also the effect of over-indulgence in unhealthy food (for instance, too much sugary snacks) causing hormonal imbalances, which resulted in her mood swings.

Belly is one body part that many find it hard to lose fats in. The stubborn fats on the belly requires a certain temperature to kick start the burning process and the skin around the belly has been over-stretched for too long, causing it to loosen.

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