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(Story contributed by Celine Chen)

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Our wedding anniversary is coming.

My husband told me that he has been planning something for us and he hopes that I can wear the dress he gave me when we first dated on that special day.

I’m just a few “cm” away to be able to fit in the dress, I need to lose just a little bit more to wear it perfectly.

And then, the zipper stopped moving up from my mid waist onwards. I give up.

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My mum believes that I should consider reducing water retention to fix my problem. Thus, she introduced me to some slimming pills that can help to “reduce” water retention immediately and that I should be able to wear my husband's favourite dress again very soon.

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Little did I know, I'm just trading my "beauty sleep" to lose the weight. I had insomnia that very night after taking the medicine.

During work, I kept running to the restroom and I struggled with exhaustion. And yet, I still did not manage to fit into my dress by the end of the week.

What can I do to fix my contour issue?

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Shortcuts may backfire, more often than not. Slimming pills can affect our endocrine system due to its nature of "cheating" our brains and internal body systems to release hormones to drive certain actions, an example would be diuresis.

These unnatural actions can cause confusion to our body systems, making it work harder than its normal state, thus leading to insomnia. Diet pills is neither a long term solution nor a quick fix to slimming your belly.

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