Low carb diet not helping?


(Story contributed by Mrs Chong)

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binge eating

After going into workforce, I was under a lot of stress.

I started binge eating at work, at home and whenever I felt the anxiety that is going to hit me.

health care

Last month, my doctor advised me to start losing some weight as my body screening results show

that I’m at risk of getting diabetes and heart disease due to the fat deposits around my waist.

I have gone through a few online articles that suggested going on a low carbs diet can help in reducing body fats.

I switched out my processed snacks to alot of fruits, vegetables and nuts whenever I feel stressed.

"Sweeter" fruits like mango and pineapple to help curb my sugar cravings.

I reduced my rice portion and added more vegetables and meat instead too.





I’m losing some weight according to the weighing machine but after going through my last body screening,

my diet didn’t seem to help at all. In fact, the doctor said that I am now facing issues high blood sugar.

Where did I go wrong?

Mrs Chong is making a positive change to maintain good health. However, her portion of fruits may be the culprit for the rise in blood sugar levels.

Stress eating is one of the reasons why Mrs Chong needs to stop.

Fruits must be taken in moderation, especially since some fruits contain very high carbohydrates and sugar content.

Learning to cope with stress is still the best way to lose weight as hormonal issues due to stress can affect digestion and metabolism.

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