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The Basics Of A Facial


Recognised as a type of skin treatment that targets different problems like acne, wrinkles, dull and dry complexion and pigmentations.

The treatment starts by cleansing your pores, followed by exfoliating dead skin cells to treat common skin problems with a customised facial treatment mask. Even known as a multi-step skin treatment, a facial is basically one of the best ways to look after your precious skin.

Ultimately, most people go for a facial because of how it can allow one to attain a well-hydrated complexion and re-energized-looking skin. But really, at the end of the day, it’s a well-liked, affordable treatment in Singapore for its amazing and relaxing experience. And you’ll be sure to find that exact experience with Adonis.

Aside from basic facial, we also provide customers, both men and women with one of the most sought-after facials known to many in Singapore, that gives you the desired results at affordable prices. What we have is none other than our Auras Oxy Facial, a highly regarded facial which has received countless reviews from our regulars.

With a state-of-the-art technique, highly concentrated oxygen molecules will be infused directly into the epidermis, otherwise known as the outer layer of your skin. The products used in our Auras Oxy Facial is packed with minerals, botanical extracts, vitamins and essential nutrients, giving you the nourished and supple-looking skin that you deserve.

Our aestheticians carefully work through each layer of your skin cell to make sure that your skin is always fresh and glowing, all the time.

Facial Treatment Singapore

What Happens In A Facial


Before diving into your pampering and refreshing facial, you will be greeted with our unique blend of herbal tea that further enhances your facial efficacy.

Enjoy your tea while going through a Skin Analysis with our professional consultant to determine your skin problems. Our consultant will guide you along with our prices and surely find one of the best services that will suit your needs. Thereafter, our consultant will communicate with your assigned aesthetician to ensure you are getting the right set of customised treatment-used products to match your skin needs during your facial.

Starting with cleansing, our aestheticians will delicately apply our soft milk cleanser over your face, neck and décolletage to get rid of any dirt or do a double cleanse if you have your makeup on.

Once deep cleansing is done, you will be introduced to a cold mist therapy which helps in softening the comedones (commonly known as black & whiteheads), ensuring your extraction experience a less uncomfortable one. Next comes the extraction step which is for clearing all individual pores that are clogged with dead skin cells or excess sebum, resulting in acne or blackheads.

A soothing step comes after an extraction to ease any redness and prevent skin sensitivity after the process.

Expect a comforting metabolic facial massage using a Vitamins ampoule or Signature Auras Oil to promote skin detoxification.

For the last 15-20 minutes, enjoy a personalised mask which is sure to nourish and energise your skin instantly.




Customers who take up our facial services can enjoy many benefits:

• Delaying skin ageing
• Relieving stress and psychological distress
• Boost blood circulation
• Detoxifying your skin
• Treat acne and reduce acne marks
• Clearing congested pores
• Improvement of fine lines & wrinkles
• Firming saggy skin
• Improving dry & lack-lustre complexion
• Post-treatment care from our professional Aestheticians

Since 1988, Adonis has been giving customers, both men and women facials packed with hydration and satisfaction, promising each and every one of them a worthwhile experience. Come join our loyal and contented customers and get a relaxing Auras Facial done today.

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