Best Massage Therapy In Singapore: Full Body, Back, Shoulder

Best Massage Therapy In Singapore: Full Body, Back, Shoulder

Body ache commonly happens to many people in Singapore and it can happen to yourself as well. This pressing matter can be due to many causes relating to one’s personal lifestyle. It can be caused by the way you walk, your day-to-day posture or even from exercising for long periods of time. While some may happen occasionally, there are cases where aches that seem to last for eternity, can actually mean that there is an underlying condition.

These body aches can happen in many places, from the back of your neck, elbow to the very foot itself.

With a deep understanding of what our customers face daily, we know how important it is for them to get the proper rest and appeasement that they seek when the time calls, which is why we have Auras Body Ache Therapy, the best and ultimate alternative to massages to give you both the relaxation and relief that you long for.

Auras Body Ache Therapy

Skip your other standard massage routines, with Auras Body Ache Therapy, you are sure to dive into an experience you’ll never forget and alleviate the usual body ache problems.

What we have is a holistic science and non-invasive art of homeopathy which is strengthened with the use of innovative technology and skillful techniques. The primary aim of our therapy is to provide relief for psychological and physiological problems, from mood swings to stress-induced illnesses.

As an alternative to massages, Auras Body Ache Therapy assists by reducing pain and tissue damages brought about by tendon, muscle, ligament adhesion, nerve compression particularly in the waist or dorsal area and severe pain due to stiff muscles. Together with our Homeopac Resonance, we provide a good number of therapies, comprising of five functions, infrared (moxibustion), spiral spin (acupuncture), negative ions (oxygen), far infrared (antiseptic) and resonant frequency (acupressure).

But ultimately, what sets us apart from other parlors is how our therapies allow for endocrine secretions, the release of “happy hormones” which is the answer to your agonizing aches and what will bring you closer to a much joyful and healthy lifestyle.

Together with our specially formulated Auras Oil, our qualified and reputable salon presents you with an unconventional and impressive massage therapy that produces results.

What We Offer

Each and every one of our appointment is tailored to our client’s specific conditions or needs. If you’re looking to do a full body massage in Singapore or simply would just like to have specific places focused on (such as the shoulder area), you can sit back and relax as we will have a treatment to address any of your main concern(s).

At Adonis, we provide good care for the below conditions and concerns:

  • Prevent breast-related problems and promotes detoxification
  • Treat unsightly cellulites on butt and thighs
  • Reduce ache/pain in the back/neck/shoulder area
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Alleviate ovulation pain and promote better blood flow

Schedule an appointment with us and notice how your body aches slowly fade away after a couple of sessions! At Adonis, we simply want the best for our customers through our worthwhile Auras Body Ache therapy.