Auras Ovary Therapy


A clean and hygienic detoxification is an important process for woman. In particular, women menses in the circulatory system and the hematopoietic system is “exercised and strengthen” , the new blood made to make up for the blood lost, which manifests to female fertility. As women age, it is important to keep the “Woman Ovary garden” with the right climate and healthy environment quality, for the “estrogen hormone” thrive for a fountain of youth. Come down to any of our outlets to find out more!


✔ Improve blood circulation

✔ Detoxify ovary

✔ Increase chance of fertility naturally

✔ Regulate Menstrual cycle


*This treatment is not suitable for pregnant woman.*


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Outlet: VivoGombakBedokAng Mo KioNexJurong

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