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Slimming Massage Singapore

With the fast-moving technological generation and the heightened need to fulfil the wishes of customers, Adonis has over the years, used a combination of highly innovative technology and uniquely formulated oil, only known to us.

After Adonis discovered the growing trend of women in Singapore wishing to maintain their already fit figure or the drive to attain the absolute build, we came up with our very own slimming solutions to help women all around Singapore.

Slim & Sleek Treatment

Designed to act as a remedy for flabby and saggy legs or arms, and loose skin, these slimming treatments are effective in relieving muscles and tension to relax in order to tone your figure. Talk with our staff and find out the best package that will help you achieve your goal.

Homeopac Resonance & Auras Oil

Using our very own Homeopac Resonance equipment, Adonis makes use of modern oriental-specific functions for the customer’s needs. Homeopac Resonance uses negative ions to reinvigorate cells, followed by a magnetic resonance dispersion function which excretes waste from blood vessel walls and an infrared ray functions for sterilisation, purification of the blood and anti-inflammation.

Together with our specially put together Auras oil, we have come up with a way to enhance the detoxification and healing effects of the treatment. Each type of oil has a different purpose. The Belly Oil, as the name states itself, detoxifies and targets tummy tissues and reducing fluid retention for slimmer, tighter contour. While the Body Firm Oil focuses on different parts of your figure, like the arms and legs by relaxing the tension and muscles.

The unique aspect of our treatment is how it concentrates on endocrine secretion to release hormones, giving our customers the results they desire and at the same time, a wonderful experience.

Other benefits of this treatment includes stimulating and strengthening the collagen network which ultimately refines skin texture and elasticity.

Thermal Heat Belt & S&S Obe-Ampoule

Our other popular slimming solution is our duo combo, the Thermal Heat Belt and S&S Obe Ampoule. Together, they are a healthier and non-invasive way to reducing body fat.

The Thermal Heat Belt will warm up the dredges, navel and regulate gastrointestinal function, improving metabolism and addressing any obesity issue. Meanwhile, S&S Obe Ampoule is uniquely formulated with quinoa seed extract for body contouring. It is packed with minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids. Together, they effectively burn excessive fat and recycle them into energy with long-term effect.

In just 2 weeks, this treatment coupled with our S&S diet booklet will let you feel the difference instantly.

Adonis focuses on various parts of your figure, depending on what you would like our aestheticians to focus on. We can perform this treatment on the tummy, back, butt and thigh area.

The perfect figure you have always dreamed of can be right within your reach today. Book one of our packages and make that change today.

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