ADONIS Detox Facial (75 mins)

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What is Detox Facial?

A detox facial treatment is the process of getting rid of extra oils and toxins to detoxify your skin, resulting in healthy skin. This cleansing can also help promote healing and increase collagen production in your skin.

To achieve this, your skin will be oxygenated with a natural gel during the detox facial. This gel usually helps increase your body temperature to improve the blood flow near the skin's surface.

At Adonis Beauty, our detox facials also involve the removal of blackheads and whiteheads using tools. This is done by applying pressure around the affected pore at different angles until the oily substances are squeezed out.

The manual extraction is considered more precise and cleaner since it allows for extraction near areas such as the corners of the nose.


What does the 75-minute facial entail?

A specially tailored extraction facial in Singapore, you can just sit back and relax as our beauticians at Adonis pamper you with our signature deep cleansing facial that penetrates pores to remove dead skin, sebum, and environmental debris.

Indulge yourself further by complementing the session with light infusion ampoule therapy and vitamin treatment to nourish your skin more.

Extra Note: A light infusion ampoule therapy is a type of light therapy using ampoule. Not only can it help stimulate collagen proteins, the ampoule can help target specific skin conditions to achieve the overall glowing complexion.


75-Min package includes:

  • Face analysis
  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliation peel
  • Cold mist
  • Skin extraction (Removal of black & whiteheads)
  • Light infusion ampoule therapy
  • Eyebrow styling and shaping
  • Metabolic face massage
  • Premium mask application
  • Facial aftercare


ADONIS Detox Facial is Adonis Beauty’s signature deep-cleansing facial that combines our signature boutique skincare products specifically designed for Singapore’s tropical climates, along with advanced light therapy.

The light infusion therapy will then deliver skin-nourishing vitamins right into your skin. After this, a rejuvenating metabolic face massage and a face mask application await. For a thorough pampering of your face, there is also a complimentary brow shaping procedure.

With a complete skin analysis, the beautician will pick the products that cater to your unique skin concerns. The cleansing then starts with an exfoliating peel, spraying of cold mist and whitehead and blackhead extraction to remove the accumulation of dead skin, sebum, and environmental debris.


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