Aikne Masque (40gm)

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Applying a mask is a must in a skincare routine! Grab a tube of Aikne Masque which cleanses congested pores by removing impurities and sebum on your skin!


Key Ingredients:


Diatomaceous Earth

It contains anti-fungal properties that'll detoxify and refresh your skin. DE will also prevent premature skin aging by removing all the dead skin cells. The facial exfoliator will brighten, lighten, and nourish your face.



Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial



Removes excess sebum from the skin



A non-irritating ingredient that soothes and protects the skin. With the ability to help heal the skin and stimulate the growth of new tissue, it's a great all-rounder for keeping skin at the top of its game.


How to use:

Apply evenly across the face, avoiding eye area and lips. Leave on 15-20 mins, and rinse off.



Diatomaceous Earth, AHA, Refined Pine Rosin, Kaolin, Eucalyptus Extract, Allantoin, Bentonite, Zinc Oxide, Ichthammol

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