Cozo Wild Walnut (30pcs/box)

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Our walnut oil is fresh, pure, and nutritious with a light taste. It can be used as premium cooking oil.


Suitable for:

Infants and young children

- Helps balance metabolism

- Promotes development of the child’s nervous system, bone marrow, and brain



- Supports the immune system and blood circulation

- Contains nutrients that are very beneficial to the skin

- Safe and reliable beauty product; known as “beauty oil” in the West



- Supports and maintains healthy bones and joints

- Strengthens the body to slow down symptoms of ageing


Wild walnuts are excellent for improving health by:

- Increasing blood circulation

- Improving metabolism

- Boosting brain functions

- Promoting healthy skin and hair


How to use:

Consume about 10-25ml of walnut oil daily for adults


Full Ingredients:

Non-GMO Walnuts, Vitamins A, D, E, F, K & Beta Carotene, Squalene, Omega-6, Polyphenolic Compound, Flavonoid


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