Meteor Peel @ $78

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Its’ unique formula is specially designed for Skin Renewal which:

  1. Help brightens dull skin
  2. Remove dead skin cells, thus enhancing skincare absorption 
  3. Exfoliate the skin, thus speed up the skin renewal process

Comes with FREE Auras Facial worth $180 that helps: 

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Meteor Peel @ $78 includes:

1. Meteor Peel HERB + Meteor Peel SOLUTION

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How the Promo works:

Step 1. Purchase our Auras' Meteor Peel Set for just $78.

Step 2. WhatsApp us at 9168 7185 to make an appointment to redeem your FREE* Personalised Auras Facial.

Step 3. You may use the Adonis Meteor Peel Set after your facial or you can bring it along during your appointment and seek our professional beauticians to use it during the treatment.

Tips: Pour meteor shower herb and meteor shower solution into a bowl, mix well before use. 


Terms & Conditions: 

  1. The facial is redeemable within 3 months of the purchase of the Auras' Meteor Peel Set. 
  2. The purchase of the Auras' Meteor Peel Set is limited to only one set per new customer only. 
  3. You are required to WhatsApp us at 9168 7185 to make an appointment for your free* Auras Facial.
  4. The management reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice.
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