Oxy Spray (100ml)

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Need something convenient to refresh your skin and hair? The all in one Oxy Spray is all you ever need! This Oxy Spray contains highly concentrated oxygenated swiss water that refreshes your hair, body, and skin! It regulates your skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), protects against moisture loss and dryness caused by air conditioning or pollution. With frequent use, it helps and improves the surface structure of dry, sun-damaged, chemical damaged hair due to bleaching, dyeing, and hair perming!


Key Ingredients:

Natto Gum, PGA


How to use:

Face and body:

Step 1:

Spray and pat lightly to support oxygenation and regulation of the skin's natural moisturizing factor.



Step 2:

Spray and leave on for silky smooth hair.



(100% Natural) Water highly concentrated with Oxygen, Natto Gum and PGA Moisturizer


*This non-medicated product can be used by itself or with other skincare/cosmetics products. It contains no preservation, added dyes, colours, perfumes or CFCs. Safe for eye application or oral consumption.

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