Thermal Dopa Set

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Keep svelte and fit with our Thermal Dopa Set. Through heat infusion, particles of the selected herbs will volatile and penetrate pores to eliminate cold and humid waste in the body.


What is included?


1. Herbal Pack (10pcs)

- Herbs that fumigate the abdomen and waist with the formulated essence improves blood stasis under the skin. Biochemical nitric oxide is produced to protect the liver’s blood deficiency. Dopamine is also produced in the process as a hormone and neurotransmitter.

- Inhibits the body’s intake and absorption of fat from food

- Flushes out the body’s waste gases and toxins, revealing radiant and clear complexion, as well as better body contours

- Clears bacteria, reduces odours, fatigue, discomfort, emotional irritability, and restores normal function of tissues and organs in the body

- Improves humidity level of the body

- Supports blood circulation and detoxification


2. Belly Oil

- Expels cold and warms up the body

- Promotes kidney functions and keeps the spleen and stomach warm

- Conducive in assisting digestive processes


3. Firm Oil

- A remedy for saggy, flabby arms, legs, and loose skin

- Helps relax muscles and tones the body



4. Tone-Up Essence

- Supports fat burning and recycles fats into energy

- Perfect for contouring and smoothening cellulite



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